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What is Conjoint Analysis and when to use it

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Random Forest Analysis in ML and when to use it

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Application of Market Basket Analysis

Top industries leveraging Virtual Reality

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Essentials of a Good VR Video

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16 Tech Advancements in Pharmaceuticals to Re-invent Healing

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5 Technology Trends in Education that are Worth a Catch

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6 Key Tech Trends in the Media and Entertainment Industry

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7 Important Tech Trends in Banking, Insurance and Finance

4 Major Tech Solutions in Retail Driving Growth

4 Major Tech Trends Bringing Growth in Manufacturing Industry

How New Gen Tech in Travel is Resulting in Dramatic Innovation?

4 Major Tech Innovations and Trends in Food & Beverages Industry

Major Reasons: Why Mobile is the Future of the Automobile Industry?

They are Listening! The Power of Voice Analytics in Business

Breath-Saving Advantages of Augmented Reality in HealthCare

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Hadoop-as-a-service and its Reachability

Why Big Data is crucial for Customer Acquisition?

How is Big Data disrupting the Gaming Industry?

How to handle Data Integration in IoT Devices?

How can Publishing benefit from Innovative Tech?

How Giants are Leading Digital Transformation?

How is Immersive Tech being employed in Organizations

10 Key Considerations for Big Data Integration

How is Immersive Technology aiding in Communication

Data Science Modeling and Importance in Featurization

AR Design: An Innovative Approach to Modeling

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) : Analyzing Data Better

Blockchain Digital Identification: Is it Progressive Enough?

Smart CMS : Know How AI makes Content Intelligent

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5 Innovations Shaping the Future of Augmented Reality

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What CEOs Talked About at the Web Summit 2017?

Just 2 Steps: Create a Chatbot Character that Compliments Your Brand

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What Happened at the Unbound Miami?

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile Game?

Precision vs Recall- Demystifying Accuracy Paradox in Machine Learning

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NewGenApps Tech News-HTC agreed not to 'clone' Apple's products

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NewGenApps Tech News-is the UN about to take control of the internet?

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Monetization of Mobile Apps

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Apple releases iOS 6.0.1 to fix installation and exchange issues

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Google launches updated version of Google Translate

NewGenApps Tech News-Technology behind thin new iMacs

NewGenApps Tech News- Google announces Nexus 4 phone, Nexus 10 Tablet

UK firm ADzero announces Bamboo Mobile Phone

Windows RT-powered Surface tablet, officially launched for sale

NewGenApps Tech News- Amazon mocks Apple, Windows 8, Nexus 7

NewGenApps Tech News-Windows 8 OS launch,Samsung sold 57M smartphones

Microsoft launches Windows 8 operating system

Apple launches ipad-mini on October 23

NewGenApps Tech News-IPad Mini Launched, Review- Galaxy Note II

Few Hours left for Apple's Event, Bill Gates view about Windows 8

Surface RT, Android Event, Salesforce Marketing, Nokia Reports loss

iPad mini price, windows 8 vs Android, Twitter's fiction event

Google Android Event, HTC's J Butterfly unveiled, Windows 8 vs RT

Tech News of the day

Technical News of the Day

iPhone vs Android

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iOS 6 Updates

Apple's Trillion Dollar Baby - iPhone 5 Launch

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Get ready for WWDC 2012

Mountain Lion

WWDC 2012 - Major announcements

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Remembering Steve Jobs

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Windows 7 Series Launched

Eric Schmidt on the magical potential of Mobile + Cloud

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Palm Pre to be launched today

Apple WWDC

...and one more thing

Is your application iPhone SDK 3.0 Ready?

HTC Magic aka Android G2 to be launched in Germany Next week

1 Million Android G1s sold

Oracle to Acquire Sun Microsystems

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...and we are back

Why is iPhone such a great development platform?

New Macbook Pictures

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