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Why should businesses use MEAN stack for their web apps

Why should businesses use MEAN stack for their web apps

MEAN stack for web development

In simple words, the MEAN stack is the collection of JavaScript technologies extensively used to develop web applications. MEAN Stack is used for web application development. MEAN Stack gives all new and modernized approach to build web applications. MEAN Stack ensures that the web application smoothly works on all the tier of the device. MEAN Stack is a remarkable combination of the technology group that synergizes well together. MEAN means “MongoDB Express.js Angular JS Node.js. The Node.js the technicians and developers from learning separate complicated languages. MEAN Stack allows us to use JavaScript on both sides the backend as well as the frontend. A developer can develop explicit attributes and does not have to worry about migration, alteration, or change in the layers of the data. 

MEAN is a simple and easy rearrangement of the initial letters of several technologies. Technology upgrade and switching platforms from Linux or any OS to JavaScript runtime has helped tremendously to achieve OS independence. Angular JavaScript can be applied on smartphones, laptops, desktops, Smart TVs. So it is not only used towards mobile. The Stack is a language set as well as technology used extensively for developing sites or web applications by the technicians or the developers. One can write comprehensive test suites for the MEAN stack inbuilt app. It includes text frameworks like Jasmine JS, KarmaJS, MochaJS, and lots more. MEAN Stack is the application made upon JavaScript technologies and language.

Introduction to MEAN stack

MongoDB: Save data in binary JSON format as it will be easier to pass on the data between server and client. The MongoDB works on documentation and collection. Moreover, it provides high performance, higher availability of simple scalability as it is a cross-platform and document-oriented database. To adopt JSON like docs, the relational database shall be made which enables data integration for all the apps in a faster and smarter way. 

Express.JS: This JS language provides features for single as well as multipage web apps. The Ruby Framework, known as Sinatra, inspires this type of JS. This type of JS offers reliable and robust features as well as functionalities for mobile and web applications. It is a flexible Node.JS web application framework. The Express.JS allows the developers to construct the software with JavaScript one side of the server by giving the JavaScript a back end functionality.

AngularJS: This kind of JS language helps in eradicating unwanted coding part. To express the components of the application, one can make use of HTML as the template language and also expand its syntax. It is one of the ideal frameworks for dynamic web applications. Two-way data binding is one of the best features for data binding.

Node.js: Node.js is an efficient platform because it uses event-driven and on blocking I/O model. Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine is extensively used to build runtime. It has the most extensive ecosystem that can also run JavaScript apps outside the browser. It has the best cross-platform runtime environment and also free to use in open source. 

Benefits of MEAN stack

Even after so many long years positive impacts of MEAN Stack development in the IT industry, many people still have doubts why to use MEAN Stack for business. Nowadays, MEAN Stack web development is one of the best tools used by businesses to develop web applications or apps. 

The most significant benefits of using the MEAN Stack Development platform for app development are as follows:

  1. Flexible: You read it right. MEAN Stack platform is highly flexible and very easy to work on. A developer can add personal information too. He or she can do the same by just adding a field to space and follow the procedure ahead. Moreover, MEAN Stack allows developers to test and scrutinize the web applications after the development and host the same in the cloud safely and conveniently. 
  2. Allows Isomorphic Coding: What does Isomorphic Coding exactly mean? If a developer is writing the code in one framework, he or she can place the same in other frameworks. It will work and function similarly. This technique helps to become highly dependable and reliable for efficient app development. 
  3. JavaScript everywhere: One of the most essential and efficient advantages of using MEAN Stack platform is that both clients, as well as server-side, can make entire use of JavaScript coding language. It is indeed a better choice than LAMP viz Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP for the web and app developers. 
  4. Cost-Effective Option: MEAN Stack is one of the most profitable platforms for the smooth running of the business. It is because the companies do not have to hire a separate panel of developers to work on different technologies. 
  5. User Experience: You read it right. MEAN Stack is a responsible platform that ensures a better user experience. Moreover, the businesses can reach out to the potential target audience with the use of MEAN Stack platform.
  6. Manage data: This reliable and genuine JS development platform helps a business to manage its crucial data on its own. One does not need to have the data in standard or same format. 
  7. Recover data: This JavaScript development platform is highly capable of handling the enormous efficiently as well as it can quickly recover data safely.
  8. Node.JS in MEAN Stack helps to develop a highly scalable web app that allows receiving more web traffic. 
  9. Companies and businesses can have a powerful platform to develop their web application for the business. 
  10. Hasslefree: Create innovative web applications with extensive use of MEAN Stack development platform as this will reduce the hassles of manual tasks. 
  11. Professional: Once a company or business MEAN Stack hires MEAN Stack consulting development partner. The professionals will guide the business with how this genuine development will help the company to boost the business online.

There are also many other benefits using the MEAN Stack development for the business. Meanwhile, MEAN Stack Development platform is also involving MongoDB in the process.

MEAN Stack development extensively uses MongoDB that enables a business to handle bulk data and make the database management more performance-oriented. Now the query is why choose MongoDB

There are multiple reasons why MongoDB is used extensively.

  1. Multiple Servers: MongoDB makes use of numerous servers for storing the company information. It enables the company to expand with fewer worries about storage plant. It helps to reduce the number complexities.
  2. Open-Source: This is one of the most cost-effective platforms for app development. Any developer can fix, develop, and maintain the whole business database. If the company faces any problems, it can keep the query in MongoDB forums. It allows MongoDB development agency to come up with a solution in real-time, and it can also help to take the business online.
  3. Cloud-Based: All the data, files, and folder is uploaded on the cloud, and it also saves additional cost. MEAN Stack Development with MongoDB platform saves data in community servers. It is very similar to large e-commerce websites. 
  4. Quick Response: Access of data and files is done relatively faster. It is document oriented and works more quickly than a complex natured tabular network of a database management system. This process makes the app agile, no matter how much data it is handling. Modeling data is very simple and also increases productivity to a greater extent. 
  5. eCommerce for MongoDB: Most eCommerce website and apps have multiple pages along with many categories. These can include prices, items, reviews, comments, and lots more. It allows creating data structures in a customized way whenever it is needed. It, along with other development platforms, makes the web applications reliable and approachable in many ways. Moreover, it makes the web app scalable as well as flexible. Meanwhile, MongoDB and MEAN Stack fulfill every prerequisite of the business app. These prerequisites need to be adaptable and adjustable. 

Overall MEAN Stack development plays a vital role in the app development process. It saves money as well as the time of the developers in a considerable way. It provides unparalleled benefits to the business and also plays a vital role in the eCommerce industry. Moreover, the efficient business app helps in streamlining of the business activities. What else can one ask for? 

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