Anurag is a tech enthusiast and visionary. He caught up on many trends before they became trends - like Microsoft CRM, iOS and Android apps, Cloud solutions, AI/ML etc. He frequently writes about the use of tech in various industries.

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Virtual Reality is changing the education system globally

Jun 28, 2019 7:50:00 PM

With the widespread popularity of games like POKEMON GO, virtual reality has become the center of attraction for many. With almost 20 million users and more than U.S Dollars 5.7 million spent it will be an understatement if said that VR is not changing the world or more evidently ruling it. According to estimation within the next several years, growth in VR will surely surpass smartphone technology. VR allows for high impact learning experiences with affordability. With high impact learning methodologies and infusion of pocket-friendly processes and gadgets, virtual reality is becoming the most promising change in the learning environment that can be created by most of the colleges/schools/institutes. This has the great potential to rule our classrooms in the future.

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Topics: technology in education, technology trends, Virtual Reality

Machine Learning trends in the manufacturing business

Jun 27, 2019 7:40:00 PM

In expanding expectation of the community focus is greatly shifting to the manufacturing sector in various industries from agriculture to the automobile. We are in a world where seamless and timeless manufacturing units are working day and night for attaining the goal to meet the requirements of expanding the population. Introduction of artificial intelligence had introduced high-quality production with minimal costs involved. Various factories are demonstrating the usage of machine learning at multiple steps that are enabling the manufacturing factories to have a more successful outcome when compared to the one still stuck with old style array of work.

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Topics: technology trends, Machine Learning, manufacturing, Automated Machine Learning

Most interesting Artificial Intelligence tricks that entrepreneurs should know about

Jun 26, 2019 8:25:28 PM

Artificial intelligence is becoming a revolution in itself, these devices integrated with machine learning and automated with software technology is boosting the work efficiency of many industries. When it comes to starting up the benefits of involving artificial intelligence it is proving to be beneficial in every front. For startup when the resources and manpower is limited artificial intelligence can work well to improve as well as simplify the working process by automatic complex process in each and every stage. In this article, we will deal how artificial intelligence can be beneficial to many startups not only for enhancing the business strategy but also easing out the operations within the organization.

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Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, startups, Reduce Startup Overheads

How automation machine learning works

Jun 21, 2019 7:30:00 PM

An automation learning system is a rather modern twist in artificial intelligence lookout that represents a shift in the system and how organizations approach machine learning with data sciences changing continuously. Application of traditional old school machine learning methodologies and learning models has a time consuming, resource intensive challenges when applied in real scenarios. This makes the processing very difficult and requires much professional data scientist. But with the help of automation machine learning, this can very much change.

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Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automated Machine Learning, AutoML

Security of Voice Assistants

Jun 20, 2019 7:30:00 PM

Lately, our life has been bombarded with voice assistants; they are becoming popular with making our lives easier and convenient. But the question arises, are these voice assistant a cyber-security threat to our personal and confidential information? Over 56 million voice assistant products were sold in last year all across the globe as per the survey conducted by Canalys. Most influential companies in these sectors are Apple, Google, Amazon making products like Siri, Google assistant, Alexa which are now omnipresent in our homes, offices, transportation and even on our phones. No doubt they are a great tool for making our lives far better saving our time but it can also not be denied that they pose a real risk in terms of our shared information, these concerns have arisen due to the fast connectivity speed of such devices and low-security protection they offer.

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Topics: Google Home, NLP, Speech recognition, Natural Language Processing

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