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eCommerce trends in 2020

eCommerce trends in 2020


Are you part of the eCommerce revolution? If yes, then you must be well aware of the rapid growth of the eCommerce industry, with every online seller trying to stay ahead of the curve. To fight this kind of competition, eCommerce firms are adopting unique strategies for marketing their businesses. Once you use the right technology to get into this huge market, there is nothing that can stop your business from growing.

To put up with businesses with such growth, it is extremely important to identify future eCommerce trends. If you are struggling to identify these trends, then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss the important eCommerce trends and those eCommerce trade will help the consumer to enjoy online shopping.

Omni-channel Retail

With an increasing number of people already spending more time on social media, this is a great opportunity for eCommerce businesses to connect with their target audience across multiple channels.

According to one study, 87% of customers said they wanted a consistent experience across all types of shopping channels. Omnichannel retail or multichannel engagement is, therefore, one of those eCommerce trends that you should look forward to, as it will benefit. People no longer start and end their purchases on the same screen in the same session. They now start browsing on desktop and end on mobile or their online store and end in any market.

Most people shopping online prefer to shop from at least two different platforms, which indicates omnichannel is going to be the next big thing in the retail eCommerce industry. Look for a good platform that can provide a solution across all your sales channels and create a seamless journey for your customers.

Online-Offline linking

eCommerce has got comparatively less market space in the retail space. However, more and more brands are now taking advantage of this untapped potential. Online businesses have begun to understand the key to shaping their future by offering both offline and online shopping options to their audiences. Brands such as Nykaa, Firstcry are already in this business, making it a more important trend to focus on in 2020.

Did you know that online giant Amazon is also planning to open a physical store? Amazon is in talks with one of the largest retailers in India to acquire a stake in Future Retail Limited Company which will eventually bring the online market to physical stores across India. Therefore, the eCommerce industry is going to dominate businesses that have both physical and digital presence in the coming future.

Low price, fast shipping

This can be a difficult aspect to implement, but given the fact that Amazon is already ruling in this area of ​​providing low rates fast shipping. Consumers, nowadays, choose to shop at stores that offer faster shipping services and lower prices over those that do not. To satisfy your customers, you must expand your shipping options to provide buyers with the same affordable and fast shipping experience that Amazon offers to its customers. 


In the 21st century, automation is important to speed up the development of any business. While we often talk about automated solutions for inventory management, order processing, we ignore one key aspect - customer support. Chatbots are those that may change the future of the eCommerce industry shortly. Online shopping will become more and more customized through highly specialized AI-driven chatbots. These are automated programs that can perform all repetitive tasks much faster than a human. Chatbots pretend to be humans that we can explain through text or voice input. Did your customer order the wrong size t-shirt? If you have found an inbuilt chatbot for your online store then it can easily suggest your customer the correct shirt size based on their purchase history. A chatbot is nothing but a virtual assistant for your eCommerce store. Although chatbots are new to the market, Fahn Lena Gartner, CEO, and founder of User Experience Consulting predicts that 25% of customer support and services will be integrated with virtual assistants by 2020.


With the increasing number of people using smartphones worldwide, especially in developing countries where the majority of the population is young, mobile eCommerce is set to be the next big thing by 2020. In fact, according to reports, mobile eCommerce is likely to make up half of all online sales by 2020 - about $ 250 billion annually. Owners of eCommerce businesses should build mobile-friendly websites and simplify the process of shopping in mobile phones so that it becomes a seamless experience for customers to shop from this website. Online stores capable of developing user-friendly mobile applications will certainly find themselves at a significant advantage in 2020. With knowledge of the trends that are scheduled to dominate 2020, it's time to level up your eCommerce game. Create strategies, implement them and stay ahead of the curve to take your business to new heights.

An upward trend, voice commerce

Voice shopping is developing among Internet clients. 13% of U.S. brilliant speaker proprietors state that they were making buys by voice toward the finish of 2017. That number is anticipated to develop to 55% by 2022 (OC&C Strategy Consultants, 2018). The absolute spend on voice shopping has likewise gone up in the UK. This eCommerce pattern has developed in prevalence chiefly since 2014 when Amazon propelled their keen speaker – Echo. While voice shopping is still in its beginning times, this measurement gives us that it will turn out to be progressively famous in the coming years. 

Voice shopping is a non-visual encounter, which implies that clients need to choose their items by giving a verbal portrayal of what they are searching for. This limits the extent of perusing for an item before really choosing it. To burrow somewhat more profound, voice shopping is primarily utilized by clients as a business channel. This implies as opposed to utilizing voice search as a perusing experience to look into what they need to purchase, they use voice search once they have just settled on their buy. Acquired items using voice search are typically low-esteem items, and incorporate classifications, for example, nourishment things, or minimal effort hardware and homeware items. The ascent of enthusiasm for voice shopping implies that organizations should observe and furnish clients with the solace that they are searching for when purchasing items. 

Social Media and eCommerce

Purchase catch's use on Facebook and Instagram is growing. The number of social customers is quickly expanding. With the presentation of the "Purchase" button on Facebook and the Instagram Checkout, web-based life is assuming a noteworthy job in the realm of eCommerce. 

Web-based social networking has changed how we live our day by day lives, and that incorporates how we purchase things. This is an incredible open door for brands to begin pondering on how to improve their situation via web-based networking media. Web-based life is an incredible stage for brands to get found. With purchasers investing more energy in web-based social networking, like Instagram, eCommerce organizations can take help from Instagram influencers to expand their odds of getting found by their intended interest group. Furthermore, with stages like Shopify, organizations can interface their online store with internet based life stages so individuals can purchase from stores inside the web-based life stage, making it generally simple. 

Instagram and Facebook (just as other internet-based life stages) are always refreshing to meet the solace needs of online purchasers. These web-based social networking stages go about as channels for motivation, and permit marks a chance to be found while individuals are looking through their feeds. As internet-based life keeps on turning into a normal piece of our day by day lives, its capacity to impact eCommerce patterns will just increase. That is the reason brands need to embrace a shopping centered way to deal with their social system. 

Artificial Intelligence

Worldwide retailer spending on Artificial Intelligence (AI) will reach $7.3 billion for each annum by 2022, up from an expected $2 billion every 2018 (BusinessWire, 2018). This occurs as retailers target new roads to expand personalization of the client experience. This examination gives us that retailers are eager to intensely put resources into apparatuses that will assist them with improving their administrations to clients and give them an upper hand. These AI apparatuses go from mechanized promoting stages that are prepared to create opportune offers, to chatbots that react to client inquiries in a flash. Different zones where AI will be useful for retailers to incorporate AI-streamlined estimating and limiting, just as request anticipating. 

The job of AI will get more grounded in the coming years, as retailers put resources into improving regions, for example, client support where AI can be valuable to comprehend the responses of clients to the item or administration bought. This will assume a major job in understanding how retailers can improve client experience. To remain peaceful it's significant that retailers put resources into this eCommerce pattern. 


With the progression in innovation and changes in customer conduct, you have to look out for these eCommerce slants in 2020. Whichever eCommerce pattern you choose to receive, do it with the point of improving the shopping experience for your clients, and building a durable association with them. Take your eCommerce advancement to the following level, by developing with it one next to the other, and exploiting these eCommerce patterns.

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