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How chatbots radically change the way we digest information

How chatbots radically change the way we digest information


With the change in technology and involvement of artificial intelligence and machine learning in our day to day life, things have become more dynamic in nature. This involves the information inputs and processing too. From Google maps to search engines, technology has changed the way we see and utilize information. Search engines have made the information processing more personalized, time accurate and on the basis of variable data. But what if you want a more complex query solving? While using Google for a college project which has multiple phrases it in then you must take the help of multiple videos, links, and articles. But what if all the information is made available in just one piece? It saves a lot of time, money and energy. Exciting isn’t it.

This can be made possible by the use of past preferences or at least analogizing it with Google will surely change the way we see the information available all around us. In this article, we will try to explore certain areas where chatbots can revolutionize the information processing, but first, let us understand the concept of chatbots and how it is working on information industry.

Chatbots are computerized robots which are programmed to behave and respond like human beings. Chatbots are the collaterals of artificial intelligence that sort out the perception and intelligence just like the human mind and thinking. Chatbots can range from a much simpler form to a complex one. The conversation is mostly programmed in such a manner that chatbots can process certain information from the user and give the output respectively, hence they can handle messages which are target based specific. So a different style of conversation is not possible in the output process of chatbots.

However, it cannot be denied that more advanced chatbots are able to process the information in a more grounded way. More advanced use of artificial intelligence leading to a better understanding of the conversation and languages. Also, these chatbots can be made to learn from their previous communication and experiences. So that means they can be evolved and grow from the memory basis of programs to develop continuously in a better way.

How chatbots are continuously evolving

Before we think that chatbots can completely replace the human eccentric customer care experience, a lot needs to be changed in terms of processing an understanding so that chatbots can survive and become viable. As the trend keeps on changing so is the utilization and amendment in the chatbots technology. Developers are working hard to create tools which are more engaging and intelligent so that a new generation of mature chatbots can be created.

Currently, mostly chatbots have been used in service based industries like eCommerce, healthcare, and financial powerhouses that is related to customer experiences and responses. As they have the basic structural opportunity that makes the use of automation with chatbots easy and suitable, more focus of these industries is being shifted on the technical transformation of their working rather than old school traditional way of thinking.

How chatbots process information

Most of the chatbots today are based on the basic programming system like natural language processing (NLP), use of a simple algorithm enables the chatbots to extract certain information and data from the universal language and use it further to create information. More advancement in this form can create more intelligent and worth it chatbots in the near future. Now also in combination with this developer uses .NET or JAVA to have a predefined path that can land the user into certain conversation conclusion. This is made possible by the use of a slot based algorithm.

Lets understand this through an example. Say you want to book an appointment for the hospital the conversation on their web page will ask for information like the preference of doctor, name, place, email, etc and then process this information to give an informational output in return. This involves implementation of codes in all possible probabilities and then search into a large codebase for the information to fix your appointment in certain date and time.

Now developers are working hard to develop declarative programming which will be able to extract the information in the middle of the conversation itself in spite of landing the user to the certain predefined path. So the whole entity is based on the cognitive flow of the algorithm which is more human and intelligence in the information processing and quite cheap comparably.

Chatbots change how information is presented to us

Currently, the way we use the information is much similar to one way, we ask for the information and we get the input but this will change with the use of chatbots. Once in the use chatbots will ask for specific information, in relation to time and relevance. This will allow how bots can answer complex queries related to particular information.

1. Medical information

Medical bots will be able to listen to your problems and complaints, help you in finding the nearest doctor or hospital based on your disease. Further, the best part is it will remember your past history and conditions. Also, it will process that in the memory basis which will allow most accurate information in every given session and enables to do additions in the future interactions. Chatbots can also match up the given pictures and images to find them as much information available specific to your case.

2. Professional sector

It can solve any problems ranging from tax-paying to finding a job. It can match up the information with current trends and facts in a particular scenario. They make the processing of information related to accounting, business, and finance investment more easy and convenient. They will suggest users with most preferable course of path to follow for a better outcome.

3. Fashion tech

Want someone to suggest what to wear at the party but can't rely on your friend's advice, why don't try chatbots. They can suggest the perfect outfit by processing the information personalized information on one hand like body type, feature, and preferences on the other hand generalized information like outside temperature.

4. Education

Want information and do not feel like reading a long article, how about chatbots telling stories as accurate as human readers giving different experience of tone like a pause on the particular stanza, diction, word and also the voice changeover. This will change the way of communication in the simplest yet effective way.

5. Service industry

Want to order food online, with the help of chatbots you can order food even while using twitter. You can order food simply by talking, texting the chatbots and you can simply track your order with the help of facebook messenger. It can also give suggestions based on your personal information and timings. A particular kind of cuisine or taste you want all based on your personalized information processing. For example dominos chatbot it can prepare a pizza for you based on your past orders and conversational inputs. Brands like Airbnb are using chatbots to provide 24X7 customer care support to provide quick information on locations according to the preferences of the user.

6. eCommerce

For eCommerce chatbots are the holy grail, almost 90% of eCommerce websites are using chatbots today from Amazon to Flipkart all are dependent on chatbots for customer care and satisfaction. These companies are using chatbots for not only query solving but recommending what to buy and which store to buy from. With optimized use of NPL. It has made the interaction process possible within cultural boundaries. From selecting a product to doing payment chatbots will guide the user in each and every step.


Chatbots are continuously increasing the market size in terms of how startups are using the technology currently to utilize better opportunities to turn them into businesses. The world is moving toward more chatbots based solutions and options for gathering information and it's better processing. When a customer interacts within a conversation the expectation is more on the language attitude and cultural context. So the developer can work on the capable translation of the information in such a way that chatbots become more unique and emotionally sound. No doubt chatbots will continue to evolve and change the way we communicate and process the information as they are available 24X7, have instant response, easy and better communication skills and more approachability which makes them the future of the customer experience.

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