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Delegating to machines: Content Marketing tasks to automate in 2019-2020

Delegating to machines: Content Marketing tasks to automate in 2019-2020

Content Marketing

With the growing importance of content marketing for successful sales and business development, its quality is a matter of the most significant concern. Every new text posted online is under serious threat of going into oblivion if it is not following all necessary content marketing criteria.

A good content marketer knows for sure how the article’s tone, grammar, SEO, and other things affect readability and visibility. The task is to write a cute story that can attract visitors and convert them into potential customers. The rest can be delegated to the machines. It does not mean that the role of a human professional in content marketing is somehow diminished.

A great content marketer is still in charge of the article since machines can only point out the improvements and suggest some ideas. The final decision still belongs to a specialist.

1. Content Creation and Editing

Content creation automated tools can be universal to those who provide writing services or specific that serve for marketing purposes. There are many variants of text generators, but before choosing any of them, ask yourself a question. Would you go with some wholly automatized software? 

We bet you'd stick to choosing some professional or even a team of content writers to create truly engaging material. And this will be a completely justified approach.

Yet, when it comes to editing, there are more technology-related opportunities. For instance, if you need to check whether the text is readable, coherent and catchy, you should use Hemingway Editor

However, if you do not feel comfortable or sure enough, there are many opportunities to add some human touch to the work. You can turn to professional editors or remember good old student days and turn to one of write my essay for me services - usually, they provide editing of any text and the prices are lower. For the purposes of unique content creation, choose wisely!

Yet, let’s get back to our subject. There are many incredibly helpful tools in the Web, and we will split them into several subcategories.


There is no better tool for proofreading than Grammarly. This service keeps developing, allowing the user to change the tone of the article and adjust other settings.

This impacts the way the article is written. Every text still would preferably be checked by a professional human editor, but the most common grammar mistakes and stylistic errors will be spotted by this tool immediately.

Grammarly can be built-in into your browser. It provides an opportunity to correct mistakes while writing an email, for instance. If you want to use it for longer texts in Word or other text processors, better choose a paid premium version.

Outsourcing content creation

Most frequently, outsourcing is associated with freelancing. As a content marketer, we insist that you better hire a writer who will be performing some of your tasks.

However, nowadays, some tools can help you create unique content automatically. If this content is required to provide your customers with some basic information, you can use machines to generate it. Such tools are perfect for the creation of emails, notes, and other reminders targeted to improve customer retention rates.

Sourcing content ideas

Content creation is a purely human activity. However, some aspects of it can be delegated to machines. For example, if you lack ideas for creative titles, sub-headings, or other small details, you can seek online tools or automated software to propose them for you.

If we talk about headings, the machines will combine words and collocations in the juiciest phrases that will appeal to readers. As a content marketer, you will only need to choose the best ones among several offered to you. You can also seek for ideas and topics based on the research materials provided by the machines.

Other online tools for content creation

Content creation can be tough and daunting, mainly if you write for the industry requiring a particular professional language. It is hard to find synonyms to terminology while it significantly decreases the uniqueness of your text.

Some tools can be used to seek better work combinations, synonyms, or antonyms to make your text more optimized for search engines. There is even a paraphraser which seeks for unique combinations to replace your words. 

This is one of several examples of how other content creation tools can be used. You can also improve the readability of your text, its SEO, and other aspects. If you face a specific problem with content creation, most likely, there is a tool to solve it.

2. Email marketing

Fancy marketing tricks in social media come and go, but email marketing stays strong. It has proven itself to be the most far-reaching marketing technique that can target the right audience based on the preliminary analysis of their behavior. It now takes less time for the company to create a new email, but this type of marketing is still time-consuming. 

There are some tools available online (like Mailchimp and Buzzbuilder Pro) that can help you manage your email marketing efforts better. You will need to produce the content, but these machines can help with managing sending-out time, store lots of contact names and group them, perform segmentation and save your campaigns to be re-used in the future.

3. Crowd marketing

Tools for crowd marketing can help one grow sales by managing and promoting client reviews and recommendations. They help content marketers to track reviews left by their customers to address them immediately. Also, these machines help in following up all social media comments regarding the company or a particular product.

One can set up these tools to monitor specific blogs, websites, and forums to be aware of any positive/negative communication about the product. Some of these machines can even handle basic-level communication with the customer, using bots and other technologies to generate the response.

4. Social media marketing

When it comes to social media, two things are essential: strategy and time. The first one depends on your product, activity, and other factors. However, time is always an issue.

Luckily, there is an abundance of tools that can help you schedule the tasks for social media marketing. Some of them will be completed automatically; others will require your participation.

Most importantly, such tools allow one to track performance and hear from customers. You can monitor the activity, evaluate the benefit individual action has, and adjust your social media performance respectfully in the future.

5. Workflow automation

Such tools as Pocket, CrowdFire, Curata, and Buffer serve for content curation and distribution. They really help content marketing specialists to work more effectively since campaign planning and executing usually take a lot of their time.

These programs serve for improving time management and finding the right place for one's content.

As a content marketer, you can create content and schedule its distribution to automate some of your work processes. Also, you can program these tools to seek for the best place to post your content.

They browse websites and platforms where your content will be visible and effective. The criterion of relevance is critical in content marketing.

6. Content marketing monitoring & evaluation

To be effective, you need to know your strengths and drawbacks. Content marketing tools can help one conduct competitive analysis, get a fuller perspective of marketing efforts, and stay aware of the recent trends in the industry.

Tools like Awario or Unmetric can reflect the success of your brand in numbers so that you can make conclusions and improve performance. You can also request general historical data to monitor changes and their effect on your current performance.


As long as content marketing and social media marketing are developing, catching up with the latest trends becomes more difficult. Skilled content marketers and creative writers all agree that to provide high-quality services, they need to use new tools and technologies. 

Just analyze: one can write on paper but uses Microsoft Word to do it faster and have a chance to make edits. Similarly, marketers could single handedly deliver every message, email, or blog post but use special tools to facilitate their work.

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