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7 marketing strategies to revamp your social media strategy

7 marketing strategies to revamp your social media strategy

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As we move head first into an exciting new year, the sheer volume of possibilities which are open to you should become quickly apparent. With so much to do and get done, though, it might feel like a major challenge to succeed. If you want to do more to help make 2019 a successful year, then, you need to really get into social media marketing. If you are struggling to make this work for you, then we have some pretty good ideas for you to take a look at here.

Get ahead of the trend

You might already know about this, but it’s very much worth saying again. You should definitely look to carry out a Google Trends search: simply type in keywords to do with your business, and see how many searches they are getting. Think about common problems and areas of frustration that you see clients talking to you about, and then run a Trends search on them.

This should help you to get a better idea of what is happening in the world, and what people are talking about. As well as getting in on topics already popular, look for small but significant shifts upward in various ways: you will soon notice that many topics which you could easily market yourself using will be growing in popularity.

Jumping on them just as they become popular will help you to maximize their impact as they continue to become really popular.

Take a look at the competition

This is a new year, so logic dictates that you aren’t the only one using the new calendar to make a fresh start. Take some time to look at what your competition is doing: before long you should feel pretty good about taking them on.

Simply take a look at the way they are marketing themselves on social media, too. If they appear to be really hitting social media hard, then you might have to up your game a bit to make sure that you stay ahead of them. Take a look at the kind of content they are producing, too; is it getting much traction on social media?

If it is, then you might need to help get inspired by what they are doing. Create your own unique content, using their new philosophy which is propelling success to see what works for your target audience.

Start using more video

One of the most effective marketing tools out there is obviously video marketing. Few other options make it quite so easy for you to start getting more customers – especially on social media, where attention spans are so short. If you want to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to capture every potential lead, make sure that you take the time to start using more video.

Another major reason why you should be using video is that more than four fifths of direct traffic now comes from video content. While a photo or a blog piece is excellent to help inform those who are now interested, to get someone to check out your site in the first place often becomes much easier if you are able to turn to video. Video also helps you to explain popular, trending topics in easy, bite-sized ways.

Build on last year's successes

You should also take the time to head on over to all of your social media channels, and check out their analytics for the previous year. With a full 12 months to look over, you will find it very easy indeed to build on the success of previous years, helping you to see what was working and what was not so successful. Research from Euromillions has shown that social media platforms are still thriving with a huge amount of interaction taking place at any one time.

This is very useful as it allows you to really start making huge changes to the way that you work and the way that you think about social media use. it might also spell out some important home truths for you. If the analysis shows that one of your campaigns that you really liked wasn’t quite so successful, then you will know not to repeat that.

Don’t go on personal opinion or on gut instinct: guiding yourself with the help of numbers will always produce far more productive results.

Start automating

One of the best things that you could do for your business in the new year is to start automating everything that your business does. If you wish to make your social media systems more effective, then you should definitely look to build on the best automation tools: you will be surprised just how important automation is going to become. With so much to do and so little time, it’s vital that you use automation to your advantage.

Take a look at your brand

Your business brand also needs to be looked at a bit closer – does it really talk to your ideal customer as much as you would have wanted? As we move into 2019, define who you really want to target. With so much precision in marketing today, you can target people with far more finesse than you could in the past. Start looking at your brand and making sure that it specifically serves the needs of an ideal customer: it’s much easier to find business on social media when you stand out for something.

Go beyond Facebook

You also need to stop simply using one platform – Facebook might be the primary social media marketing starting point, but it should not be your one and only. YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Snapchat are very much worthwhile getting involved with. Start planning ahead with content for these platforms in the months to come, and you can see great results from doing so.

The power of testimonials

Testimonials are gold dust in the modern era and will go a very long way to helping you build up the business in the way that you always wanted. If you want to draw positive attention from your customers and clients, then you should look to encourage your previous clients to leave a testimonial.

Video testimonials and written testimonials will always look good, especially to those who find you via social media.

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