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Let our mobile apps be more human with IoT and bots

Let our mobile apps be more human with IoT and bots

Human mobile apps with bots and IoT

Technology has changed the way people interact with machines and even how machines interact with other machines. After switching from desktop websites to the mobile app, now comes a time when mobile apps are also undergoing a change. IoT and bots play an important role in bringing this paradigm shift.

How mobile apps work with IoT

IoT is a network of Internet-enabled devices in which all communicate with each other through an IP address and a mobile app on a Smartphone interface. The best example of mobile application integration with IoT is in the Home Automation System, which we call "smart homes". Here all the key systems like security, lighting, heating, air conditioning, and even cooking equipment are intelligent, which means they are programmed to get instruction from the users in the house and behave accordingly.

According to Statista's report, "Global Smart Home Market is estimated to grow by about US $ 40.9 billion by 2020, and the total global revenue of Smart Home Automation Markets is estimated to reach 20.8 billion US $ by the year 2020."

How will all this happen? So, all the devices concerned in these systems area unit connected to a core hub through cloud-based technology, which might be controlled through the app through a user's wearable Smartphone, pill or smart-watch. Mobile property and in-built sensors in devices strengthen the IoT system, making a replacement world of opportunities.

Home Automation IoT

In the IoT-enabled surroundings, our mobile devices can work because the main interface through that we will communicate with our IoT-enabled devices. IOT is quick changing into a thought technology as a result of our mobile devices area unit absolutely geo-based technologies and are capable of the many property choices like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. These properties in our mobile devices create them eligible for the origin of the IoT system idealistic IoT device.

Let's see another example of the awkwardness of IoT-enabled mobile applications. Earlier, when a guest wanted to enter the hotel room, he needed a key or an access card. With IoT-enabled Smartphone, a guest can open the app's app on his Smartphone only, select relevant options and move in the room as if he owned it. Is it not amazing?

Why bots?

Bots are called the next big thing. Experts believe that Bots can even replace mobile apps. Here are the reasons:

  • Installing the bots is very easy. To install bots, just search for it from within your favorite messaging app and click on it to start a chat. No need to download or install the app from the Play Store.
  • Distributing bots is simple. As you'll be able to install bots from the electronic communication app, you'll be able to share your favorite bots with the electronic communication app further.
  • Bots also can be connected to your social media account. a good example is slack; a larva that is established by a member of a team, then mechanically joins the opposite members in order that everybody will use it.
  • Bots are cheaper than mobile app developing, maintaining and deploying high-quality mobile applications is pricey. Since the bots are stationed on an electronic communication app, you'll be able to make the most of the very fact that the electronic communication app was developed by somebody else United Nations agency was bored at its value. The new facility is deployed with the continual integration of backend alone.
  • Electronic communication apps are already omnipresent. They need entered the market in any respect levels. Most folks often use one or additional electronic communication app. So they'll infiltrate into the market in an exceedingly similar manner.
  • A bot is portable, convenient and highly user-friendly. Apart from messaging apps, bots can be installed as live assistants, such as live chat, echo or Siri, car audio system Smart Clocks, Email and Push Notifications.

As years ago we made the leap from web design to the development of mobile apps, now it's the turn of the new technological innovation, the bots.

There is a great variety of types of bots, from Chatbots that simulate conversations with users, to bots that help us with the technical service of our products. However, the most common artificial intelligence software are those that are being integrated into messaging applications. Thanks to technological advances in the field of artificial intelligence, conversations with bots are increasingly precise and offer more humane treatment to users. This is why bots have become a trend lately. Many companies are adding to the creation of this type of software since they offer great possibilities in the development of mobile applications and corporate solutions.

Bots - a wonderful addition to apps and corporate software

And where does the growth of bots come from? In recent years there has been an expansion of artificial intelligence software. Technological advances have increased the possibilities offered for their integration into communication systems, apps, websites ... etc. In addition, AIs that make use of deep learning technology, such as AlphaGo artificial intelligence software, are becoming more accurate. From telling us about the time it will take to what clothes we have to wear this morning, the development of bots knows no limits and new applications for the use of this technology arise daily.

One of the companies at its forefront is Facebook. The company integrated on April 27 in its messaging application Messenger, Moovit, a conversational bot that will help us reach our destinations in the most efficient way. We just have to ask him and he will guide us to the place that we have indicated him.

Recently, the first Bots distribution platform, Botlist, was launched. In this market, you can find a catalog of bots sorted by themes and platforms. It's a great idea that according to its own creators has emerged from the "boom" of the bots. Its goal is to create a platform that serves users to find all available bots on the Internet. Currently, Botlist has more than 400 different bots and has a community of thousands of users.

Among some of the most useful bots that we can find at the moment in Botlist is Cruise. With this bot, available in both iOS and Android application formats, we can digitize our clothes and suggest an "outfit" based on our preferences or weather conditions. Another very interesting bot is Jessie's Story, a video game in which we have to talk to Jessie, a 20-year-old girl, and advise her on what decisions to make in her life. Depending on the advice, the final result of the game will be different. And finally, Mezi, a personal assistant for purchases integrated into a mobile application for the iPhone. We just have to ask about what we want to buy and it will offer us a complete list of where to do it. In addition, it guides us to our destination and offers us reviews from other users.


In conclusion, the development of bots is a growing sector. Every day more companies are encouraged to create and integrate within multiple platforms. Many people fear that this will mean the disappearance of mobile applications, but most experts believe that bots are a complement for apps, not their replacement. This type of artificial intelligence solutions can provide us with new functionalities in our mobile applications. On the other hand, one of the points that are intended to reach with the use of bots is the total interconnection with all types of hardware through the so-called Internet of Things. Can you imagine that a bot controlled the temperature of your house or the blinds depending on the weather conditions? Or to let you know when the food in your fridge is going to expire? This may be possible in the near future, but for now, we have the possibility to enjoy an expanding technology with infinite possibilities.

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