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Top 11 Examples of Chatbots: Trending in 2018

Top 11 Examples of Chatbots: Trending in 2018

Chatbot is a conversational interface, infused with the artificial intelligence, cognitive abilities and the power of natural language processing. It is a contemporary and fast growing technology through which people can access information. Because of Artificial Intelligence and cloud technology the top examples of Chatbots are no longer a simple greeting tool which sends “hello” or “how are you”, but in fact is stimulating a better customer service for businesses across all industries. In the business world where customer service is a key area, modern chatbots can prove to be of prime importance by giving a faster solution to the queries of customers. It has been found out that 65% of consumers are willing to interact with a company via chatbot, indicating a strong opportunity for brands. Below are some examples of chatbots and the variety of areas it is manifesting.

top Examples of chatbots trending in 2017  

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“Bots are the new apps” and according to a report, Chatbot market is growing at a CAGR of 37.11% and is expected to reach USD 6 billion by the end of 2023. As the digital interactions are scaling high, it is important for the digital marketers to stay on a level with the latest trends in market. The developers of modern chatbots are making it more human-like making the interaction easier. According to a VentureBeat, 86 percent of millennials agree that brands should make use of chatbots to promote deals, products, and services. 

Top 11 Chatbots Trending in 2018:

These are 11 examples of trending chatbots that are likely to change the way we think of digital interactions:

1. PONCHO: A Weather Forecaster

Poncho, launched in April 2016 at Facebook’s F8 developer conference is a funny and witty bot, capable of sending personalised weather forecasts and astrological predictions. It was started by Kuan Huang who got an inspiration from his mother who used to send him updates regarding daily weather. It focusses on the activities about which the user wants to be updated daily making this chatbot to be regularly used, hence accounting to its success.

top examples of chatbots trending in 2017


 2. NADIA: The Emotional One

An ambitious New Zealand startup Soul Machines has recently launched a chatbot Nadia, which they claim to have an “Emotional Intelligence”, as it connects with people at an emotional level. It can read human emotions, facial expressions and understand your tone. Just like AI, EI can learn better as the frequency of the human interaction increases. The main purpose is to provide disabled people an access to the National Disability Insurance Schemes (NDIS) without facing any complications. By infusing an emotional element, this startup has taken chatbot service to another level, making it more human.

3. MELODY: The Doctor

Melody is Baidu’s medical chatbot launched in China. It is designed to help doctors by facilitating faster flow of information between doctor and patient. Melody seeks to help patients by chatting with them and helping them to diagnose about their symptoms and gives a feedback to the real-life doctors. Andrew Ng, Baidu’s chief scientist asserted that it is the beginning of the AI-driven healthcare.

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4. LARA: Your Dating Advisor

Lara is a dating chatbot launched by match.com and available on Facebook messenger which acts as a versatile dating coach for the singletons. Initially launched in July 2016 in France by Meetic, a European division of Match.com, has now extended its services to UK. It sets the singles based on fifty categories - interests, hobbies, astrological signs and imperfections being some of them. Lara uses natural language techniques and is not limited to answering closed questions.

top examples of chatbots trending in 2017

5. ENO: Your Financial Assistant

Capital One has recently launched ENO, a text-based chatbot that helps the customers to manage their money. Customers can review their transactions and can analyse their spending habits. ENO is an intelligent assistant that can track account balances, check recent transactions, see available credit and get bill due dates.

6. NERDY BOT: Makes Homework Easy

Nerdy Bot, launched in May, 2017 by Nerdyfy is a smart Facebook Messenger bot that is powered by AI and can answer homework related queries. Nerdy Bot can help in plotting graphs, solving equations, looking up definitions and other college related tasks though messenger.

7. Heston Bot: Caters to your Taste Buds

Recently Microsoft and star chef Heston Blumenthal have come together on a Skype bot to enhance your culinary skills. Blumenthal is known for the way he embraces technology when he cooks and by launching Heston Bot, he has come a step forward by combining his lifetime experience of cooking with conversational computing as he takes you on a culinary adventure.

top examples of chatbots trending in 2017

8. TMY.GRL: Personal Fashion Stylist

Last year Tommy Hilfiger, a major fashion brand experimented with chatbots to give a personalised experience to their customers and to bring traffic to their website. TMY.GRL asks a series of handful questions, helping you to get your new look depending on your taste and occasion. Targeting the millennials and the gen Z, the bot engages in a friendly tone and it makes you believe that there is someone ‘real’ trying to help you to make your fashion choices.

9. Statsbot: Personal Analytics Assistant

Statsbot for Slack makes it easy for the companies to manage their data and can connect to a variety of platforms such as Google Analytics, Stripe, SQL, Mixpanel and many others. Co-founder and CEO Artyom Keydunov at Statbot said that the product was inspired by his previous work leading a remote engineering team, when he realized that it would be “a good idea to bring data from Google Analytics or Mixpanel to the place where all collaboration happens — to Slack.” It sends you notifications regarding spikes in your data and informs you when you waver from your business milestones.

top examples of chatbots tredning in 2017

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10. TripAdvisor: For the traveller

This recently launched travel bot on Facebook messenger is for making the travel easier for the people who want to access information about hotels, attractions, flights and restaurants. It even provides you with reviews so that deciding becomes trouble-free, compares prices, and helps you to collaborate with your family and friends for travel planning.  

 11. Visabot : For the Immigrants

It is the first immigration chatbot available on Facebook Messenger, built by two Russian entrepreneurs. This bot helps skilled individuals with specific Visas  like B-2 tourist visas and O-1 visas for people with “extraordinary talents.” Through this service the creators want to protect the undocumented immigrants who are eligible for protection under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

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Chatbot is a booming trend with more and more businesses and industries getting interested in it as it has eased the process of interaction. With the ever-increasing demand from consumers for personalization and human touch, the need for customer focused marketing is at its peak. The above mentioned  examples of chatbots are proving to be one ray of hope in making consumers happy and bridging the gap of human interaction. There is a lot that can be done to leverage the potential of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. It is time that businesses start adopting these technologies to make the possible preparations to keep them competitive in this ever-changing industry.



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