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10 Artificial Intelligence tools you can use

10 Artificial Intelligence tools you can use

From Siri to driverless cars, Artificial Intelligence has made a lot of progress. It is projected that in this decade most of the new data will be not be generated by people, but by sensors and intelligent, embedded devices that are connected to the internet-smartphones, traffic lights, MRI scanners, smart energy grids and heavy industrial systems. AI is going to be the newest way we interact with all our gadgets: our cars, fridges, smartphones, front door and central heating system. We would be dwelling in an always-on world. Making our gadgets to predict our intentions and comprehend our current context is the formula for building extremely brainy products. A billion connected ‘things’ will be actively requesting support from AI platforms by 2018. Smarter lightning, smart houses, smart city infrastructures are few fields that are being talked about a lot today and these will completely transform the way people carry out their everyday tasks.

AI is considered to be the next big wave in the computing world. AI is poised to usher in a better world just like other big transformations before this. Fed by a spate of data and bucked up by Moore’s Law, artificial intelligence is at the heart of today’s technical advancements.

Check out this infographic of 10 AI tools that you can use for a series of solutions:

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10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools you can use:

1. Google Now

Google Now

Google Now is an intelligent agent that launches the app, answers questions, personalizes search results, responds to voice commands and plays music. It is a part of the Android OS, and can even predict your needs before you realize them. It acts as a personal radio station which gives updates through Now cards, about everything be it sports, traffic, public transit, places, flights, translation, currency or weather and answers all your queries. The cards can be swiped away when they aren't needed anymore and can be instantly brought back by the Undo option.

2. Intelligent personal assistants

Siri is a voice-controlled, built-in, personal assistant that is available only for Apple users. It is designed to help you get to know your iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone or Apple watch in a seamless way by letting you interact with her, ask her questions and tell her to execute commands on your behalf. Siri has access to all your phone's applications- Contacts, Messages, Mail, Safari, Maps,  etc and would search through their databases to present data whenever required. Siri would help you in finding places, with entertainment and sports information, messages and phone calls and also tips and tricks for all your questions. It would read your emails at a glance,  let you know what films are playing today, text your friend to tell them you're running late, and shuffle your playlist on iTunes when you are traveling. Apart from these, she would also move your meetings, tell you about the weather next day and a set of various other things.

Cortana is a virtual voice-controlled assistant for Microsoft Windows Phones. More like Siri, to make personalized recommendations by the data stored on the user's smartphone, Microsoft's Cortana uses Bing search. Also there is Alexa, a third virtual personal assistant in the big league which dwells inside Amazon’s Echo smart speaker and gives users the liberty to give commands for controlling various functions.

X.ai sports Amy, another smart personal assistant app for planning meetings. That is totally addictive, and as soon as one gets any mail or a meeting request, Amy, your personal assistant takes care of it. It pins down a place and time, scheduling and responding to all your mails as a natural manager. It schedules meetings by buffer time or type. The users are just supposed to update their status whether busy or available and Amy would plan accordingly.

3. CrystalKnows

CrystalKnows is a platform that analyzes public information and tells you how to communicate with people by letting you see the personality profiles of people. It would tell you how to write better emails, speak more persuasively, sell things better and accelerate relationships with anyone by giving their personality insights, like on LinkedIn. It is methodical, analytical, perceptive, spontaneous, outgoing and expressive. Crystal is very accurate and prides itself on being the best improvement since spellcheck.

4. Textio

Textio uses predictive technology to help companies list their jobs in a better way. It recognises more than 50,000 phrases with its AI and analyses each word to decide how very inviting a job is. Textio looks at words and their density in the document. Based on the all the results, it scores a document based on how likely will it succeed to lure users. Most of the companies like Starbucks, Twitter, Square, Atlassian, and Microsoft are already using it.

5. Enlitic

Enlitic is a medical deep learning company that uses its medical natural language processing (NLP) deep learning solution to enable organizations to commercialize and operationalize their data assets. It provides meaningful apprehension of medical images and texts and delivers relevant insights and ancillary information in response to questions or queries at super-human speeds and human-level accuracy. Few of its applications include healthcare workflow optimization, mining of historical pharmaceutical data for research, clinical study optimizations, medical coding efficiencies and drug discovery assistance. Leveraging the vast amounts of unstructured data from healthcare organizations to create connections drive efficiencies and deliver immediate insights in everything.

6. DigitalGenius

digital genius

Digital Genius is a smart system fueled by natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence which carries a human-like conversation with people via SMS and calls. It is a platform that is comprised of several modules of artificial intelligence which first analyses any question and then takes it to the correct answer. The tool uses predictive automation and A.I. to strengthen your customer service operation. As for instance if someone plans to buy a new car, he would call on the number provided for the car in the TV commercial. The answers to your questions would not come from human instead that would be DigitalGenius which would walk you through the entire procedure and help you to even find a dealer.

7. Tamr

Tamr is a data integration tool that basically solves data curation problem. Founded in 2012 as Data Tamer, it uses a bottom-up, data-driven approach for bringing various data sources into one model. Tamr smartly combines human expertise and automation and implements concepts of Data Analysis and Machine Learning to figure out the association between data elements and automate it.  It provides scalability through automation, data cleaning and non-programmer orientation. Tamr employs a reusable data infrastructure by which the user can get answers to questions even when the data is changed.

8. Intraspexion

Intraspexion is regarded as an early warning system to prevent potential litigation. It is based on the concept of deep learning where algorithms are used to help alert corporate counsel to litigation risks much before they have to handle the lawsuit. Intraspexion runs in the background and scans your company’s internal emails daily and flags significant litigation risks for further review. With Intraspexion the counselor may proactively avoid costly litigation and conduct privileged investigations.

9. Recorded Future

Recorded Future gives real-time threat intelligence to ventures furnishing them to significantly lower risk. It is powered by machine learning which helps quickly reveal unknown threats for the enterprise and respond to them 10 times faster. Recorded Future automatically collects and analyzes intelligence from dark, open and technical web sources to deliver greater contexts, updates in real time, and information ready packages for human analysis. With the help of its Web Intelligence Engine, ventures can proactively defend themselves against cyber attacks or any emerging threats.

10. Conversica


Conversica is an automated sales assistant which reaches out to all of your sales leads, multiple times and for however long required. Its automated sales assistant lets your salesperson target on selling and closing deals and connects with your leads with the help of two-way automated email conversations.

You can also create your own AI tool and use it for your business - think chatbots. If you would like to find out if and how your business can benefit using artificial intelligence tools, get in touch with us.

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