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Top industries leveraging Cloud Computing

Top industries leveraging Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Developers are continuously trying to integrate cloud technology into business in numerous ways which can ultimately result in benefitting business activities. People having “cloud on their mind” have been lured by the vast promise associated with cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a new loom which is being accomplished by many industries in the world. We can do number of things using cloud computing. It is a talk of the town in computing and business industry. Cloud computing is gaining popularity and provide a lot of opportunities for the business. Cloud computing is the driving force in the information technology world.

What is cloud computing? Then let me first tell you about what is a cloud, the cloud means the internet. If you are using the internet then you are already using the cloud. The delivery of computing services like networking, storage, software, database, servers, analytics over the cloud or you can say over the internet is known as cloud computing.

In this report, we will provide you with the list of industries that are leveraging cloud computing.

1. Automotive Industry

The automotive companies create an operating system, cloud indigenous applications, the internet of things, devising wide-ranging software development methodology which has the power to transform it into a global powerhouse with the help of cloud computing platforms. For example, the world’s second-largest car, manufacturer company Volkswagen uses the open source cloud computing platform to build a private cloud to host websites for its brand like Porsche, Audi, VW. Volkswagen is one of the many automotive companies that are leveraging transformational technologies for a digital future.

2. Entertainment Industry

Scalable resources are provided by cloud computing. This characteristic of cloud computing offers you with a power to only pay for the computing resources you use. With the help of this feature, you can easily supervise projection without making any investments. For example, Netflix leverages scalable usage of cloud computing to its advantage. Netflix faces large surges in server load at peak times due to its on-demand streaming services. The migration to the cloud helped the company to expand its customer base without investing in costly setups. This is how cloud computing is being leveraged by the entertainment industry which is the very big reason for its success.

3. Retail Industry

The retailers buy products to sell to the consumers who buy them for their personal use and not for making a profit out of it. The retailers buy the products in bulk from the wholesalers and then add their margin and further sell it to consumers. The cloud computing provides benefits like scalability, reduced cost, lesser time and flexibility, access to large amount of stored data from anywhere and anytime, segmented market, improved and maintained relationship with customers, tracking the current trends of customers behavior and purchasing patterns towards various brands, reducing cost and targeting the right customer etc.

It saves the retailers from maintaining expensive hardware systems because the hardware equipment and software applications are located on servers in large data centers. This feature helps the retailers to carry on their business even with a low budget and with the latest technologies. It helps in analyzing a large volume of sales data and in real-time inventory management.

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4. Education

The education industry deals with tight funding situations and this problem can be directly alleviated by cloud computing. To provide the best education it is important for the schools to have the access to the latest technology, and this is achieved with the help of RapidScale’s cloud. This helps the students to access all the information they need from one place and even the teachers can easily distribute assignments. It also provides security to the students as very sensitive information is collected by the school.

5. Healthcare

Cloud healthcare solutions ensure that it is an easy and reliable transition which has been a fear of the healthcare industry in the past. It helps doctors to easily stay connected to their patients which improves collaboration with each other. It provides solutions compliant with various healthcare regulations, including HIPAA. The simple tasks like making referrals and completing patient history can be done in no time using cloud computing. These tasks used to be a hassle earlier. This helps in focusing their complete attention towards the patient.

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6. Banking

In banking sector cloud computing helps in inventing new ways of lending, new ways of saving, banking of remote populations, lowering banking costs, banking of par populations and new ways of making payments. In the banking industry, two trends have been driving cloud computing.

The first is adopting of cloud by traditional banking institutions for back-office and selected customer operations. The second is Fintech who regularly use cloud-based services to complete in key banking products.

7. Manufacturing

Using cloud computing in an industry is not an option but an opportunity. Using cloud computing you can synchronize data from multiple sources into a single dashboard, which relieves executives from the burden of manually transferring data from one system to another. It also helps in synchronization of data by defining a single point as a source of information and allowing access to it via the internet. Cloud is a flexible and convenient choice as it comes with platform, service, and infrastructure.

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8. Financial Industry

The most important concern of the financial industry was security, but with the use of cloud computing the financial industry has gained victory over it. It offers you with Tier 3, class 1 data, encrypted information and limited access credentials for the confidential data. This helps the financial institutions to complete their everyday task with ease like customer interaction and billing. Cloud computing has reinvented the way the financial world functions.

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9. Production Industry

In the production industry companies need to manage diverse location and supply chains that require large, obscure database applications. The cloud that permits the companies to unite anywhere and supply essential information to influence each location is RapidScale. It slashes the operational cost which is incurred by a company in maintaining a range of locations helps to eliminate enormous capital expenses. It is affordable and dependable and is exceedingly accessible services at the time of need.

10. Non-profit Industry

These industries run a company on a limited budget, so it becomes difficult for them to spend money on the latest technology. But cloud computing has helped them with this problem. Using cloud computing Non-profit industries can use the most advanced computing solutions while staying within their budget. It helps the industry to stay on the same playing field as a larger enterprise.


Cloud computing provides a scalable and elastic way to support business operations from remote locations and unprecedented data computation and storage capabilities form the foundation of the industry. Cloud computing offers various features to the industries like scaling your needs without the hardware headaches, reduce innovation costs, use the right machine for the job, draw insights from data where it lives, simplify your operations. If you need a cloud solution for your organization, do get in touch.

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