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7 Unconventional Tips for Successful Mobile Game Development

7 Unconventional Tips for Successful Mobile Game Development

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The mobile game development is a hot market. There are many companies who have successfully developed stunning games. But for every successful mobile game, there are countless which failed. Few people know that Rovio, which is now successful with Angry Birds has a history of 51 failed attempts. The usual reasons why mobile games fail include:

  • The game is unable to make money.
  • The entire budget is exhausted in development and user acquisition leaving no room for innovation.
  • The game is too heavy or complicated.

But this in no way means that you can’t succeed with your gaming idea. We have jotted down 7 unconventional mobile game development tips to help you make money from your venture. By following using these ideas you can ensure that your games pick up real fast in the mobile gaming industry:

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1. Identify key platforms:

Once you have a game idea the next best thing is to identify the ideal platform. By platforms we mean whether you want the game to be on mobile (iOS, Android, Blackberry or hybrid), TV, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. Every gaming platform has it its own pros and cons. It is very important to choose the right platform as that would be the basis of entire game development. The basic parameters to consider while choosing a gaming platform are:

  • The target market for your game i.e., the group that the game would likely appeal to.
  • The processing and graphics requirements of the game.

If you opt for mobile game development then you will also need to choose among the major platforms i.e. iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry etc. An obvious dilemma is a whether to go for iOS or Android or both. If you think your idea is viable then there is no harm in opting for both the platforms. Most of the game development tools support seamless deployment on both Android and iOS in one go. Launching on multiple platforms also means more visibility and audience for your game.

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2. Create Stunning UI/UX:

Mobile game development design, UI and UX tips

UI/UX are what make a game engaging. Make sure that the game design is compelling and engaging. If your game involves too many complicated controls then it is suitable to refer to game theory basics. Instead of overwhelming the user with a lot of options you should create a set of tutorials and gradually introduce the user to all the controls.

Another important precaution to take in mobile game design is to ensure that your game graphics don’t pixelate when it is launched on high-resolution phones or large screens like that of a tablet. It is good practice to design the graphics considering the maximum screen size and the best possible resolution since it is easier to shrink than to expand without losing image quality.

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3. Stories Work:

If you have a story for your game then that’s great. If not, then you should consider making one. Stories help you grip the user’s attention and give meaning to your game. We all love stories in a game since it gives boring objects a character and meaning. Having a good storyline compels the user to return to the game even if they have lost much interest in it. The more curiosity you can instigate the better engagement and satisfaction you can expect.

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4. Bring in Social:

Social media is the power center for driving engagement. People love the rewards, gaming levels, sharing gifts, etc. on social media. It is also the best way to generate traction and word of mouth publicity for the game. By targeting social communities and influencers you can create buzz for your game and drive social engagement. Whenever possible you should always include social media elements in your mobile game development plan.

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5. Play with Sound:

Music plays a very important role in hooking the players. There is a huge library of open source sounds that you can use for different game scenarios. Though there are free to use audio effects available, it is best to create your own. Having your own custom music will help you create a branding and engage gamers. Creative audio effects catch players’ attention and help create an overall interesting gaming environment.


6. Test Rigorously:

Irrespective of the platform, users hate bugs and crashes. The last thing you want is the user uninstalling the game only because he is unable to perform a specific task. Make sure to test your game rigorously on a wide range of platforms. You can hire testing freelancers, distribute it among friends and family and test it yourself as well. Try playing the game in multiple ways to identify possible bugs or glitches.


7. Market Well:

Don’t expect the game to kick off just because of the design and social media integration. Prepare for a great launch from the beginning. Target influencers and game communities to gather initial traction. Keep adding characters and levels to continue driving user engagement. Starting a development and walkthrough blog is a clever idea to ensure discovery, downloads, and branding. You can also increase your downloads by using in-app ads since gamers are likely to download similar games which they already play.

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