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We have been developing and architecting Android apps since the first commercial version of Android software was released for developers in Sep 2008. We used T Mobile G1, the first available Android device for test running our apps then and have seen how Android OS and devices have evolved ever since.

Today Android allows us to develop for wearables like Google Glass and Android Wear.

We have developed apps and created proof-of-concepts using advanced topics: OpenGL and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) – aimed at novel applications in the healthcare, fitness and security.

We can develop apps using

  • Cameras
  • GPS
  • Accelerometers
  • Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)
  • Streaming media
  • Maps
  • Bluetooth
  • Multi-touch
  • OpenGL
  • Android Wear

We help with

  • User Interface Design
  • App Development
  • Multiple Screen Support
  • Performance Optimization
  • Testing
  • Publishing
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