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6 Reasons: Why choose Python for AI Projects?

6 Reasons: Why choose Python for AI Projects?

Use of Python in AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and robotic Process Automation.

Are you confused which language to choose for your next big  AI project? The list you compiled might probably include LISP, Prolog, Java, Python, C# and maybe a few more. The choice of language depends upon a lot of factors like personal preference, ease of code, availability of developers etc. Although the skills of the developer always matter more than any language, yet business leaders have to choose one for hiring or outsourcing their project. With so many forums and discussions online, the problem is not always solved. A company is left with a host of guides but no simple actionable advice. Thus, we are going to justify just one i.e. Python for AI projects.

What is Python?

Python is an OOPs based, high level, interpreted programming language. It is a robust highly useful language focused on rapid application Python is a developer friendly language. It is a great language for artificial intelligence. Python for artificial intelligence is very popular today.development (RAD) and don’t repeat yourself (DRY). It works perfectly as a glue language as well i.e. to connect existing components together. Due to the ease of learning, scalability and adaptability of Python, it has become one of fastest growing languages. Python’s support and ever evolving libraries make it a good choice for any project whether Web App, Mobile App, IoT, Data Science or AI.

Why Python for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

Whether a startup or an MNC, Python provides a huge list of benefits to all. The usage of Python is such that it cannot be limited to only one activity. Its growing popularity has allowed it to enter into some of the most popular and complex processes like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), natural language processing, data science etc. The question is why Python is gaining such momentum in AI? And the answer lies below:

Less Code:

AI involves algorithms - a LOT of them. Python provides ease of testing -  one of the best among competitors. Python helps in easy writing and execution of codes. Python can implement the same logic with as much as 1/5th code as compared to other OOPs languages. Thanks to its interpreted approach which enables check as you code methodology.

Prebuilt Libraries:

Python has a lot of libraries for every need of your AI project. Few names include Numpy for scientific computation, Scipy for advanced computing and Pybrain for machine learning. AIMA - Python implementation of algorithms from Russell and Norvig's 'Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach' is one of the best library available for Artificial Intelligence till today. Such a dedicated library saves developer’s time spent on coding base level items.


Python is a completely open source with a great community. There is a host of resources available which can get any developer up to speed in no time. Not to forget, there is a huge community of active coders willing to help programmers in every stage of developing cycle.

Platform Agnostic:

Python provides the flexibility to provide an API from an existing language which indeed provides extreme flexibility. It is also platform independent. With just a few changes in codes, you can get your app up and running in a new OS. This saves developers time in testing on different platforms and migrating code.


Flexibility is one of the core advantages of Python. With the option to choose between OOPs approach and scripting, Python is suitable for every purpose. It works as a perfect backend and it also suitable for linking different data structures together. The option to check a majority of code in the IDE itself is also a big plus for developers who are struggling between different algorithms.


Python is winning the heart of millennials. Its ease of learning is attracting millennials to learn this language. Though AI Projects need a highly experienced programmer yet Python can smoothen the learning curve. It is practically more easy to look for Python developers than to hunt for LISP or Prolog programmers, particularly in some nations. Its extended libraries and active community with an ever developing and improving code have led it to be one of the hottest languages today.

Artificial Intelligence can get tricky. This is where our expertise can come in handy for you. If you have an AI project to share then please contact us.

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