Impact of Augmented Reality Development platforms

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Sep 17, 2018 11:00:00 PM

Augmented Reality

New innovations are putting forth such a huge number of potentialities in front of us that we’ve become empowered to join the reality and digital world into one technology. This technology is generally recognized as Augmented Reality (AR). This innovation is an ideal incorporation of the two universes, giving the reality and the rich data around us. Fusing this innovation into the mobile application platform is doing miracles.

We all know that the majority of the population has a cell phone these days. This gives it an enormous platform for the Augmented Reality applications to grow itself. It has been making a buzz in this tech dependent world.

Augmented reality is one of the greatest advancements in application production in a previous couple of years.

The AR applications have an immense potential in terms of future too. These applications have already created a huge impact in various domains


The gaming domain is the important section that put Augmented Reality on the scale broadly. Applications like Pokemon Go surprised the market, as their user assurance was moderately high. It's from that point, mobile application inventors have been concentrating on growing more augmented reality-based applications. This is done to produce much higher customer maintenance.

Other than Pokemon Go, other cases of an AR-based Gaming applications are Army of Robots, Temple Treasure Hunt, Sharks in the Park etc.


This domain has started taking benefits of AR as well. It makes the studying and teaching attractive, intelligent and imaginative for the students and teachers. AR utilizes animations and videos to make practical subjects extremely engaging and easy to learn such as biology, physics, and chemistry.

Like future astronauts can work on utilizing AR innovation to prepare for their next space mission.


Augmented Reality is impacting healthcare in many ways. For instance, consulting with doctors in distant places, the medical students would now also be able to attempt their first surgery procedures without the threat of harming patients.

Certainly, any tool which makes its move into hospital environments should pass rigorous conditions that differ from country to country.

Travel and Tourism


Travel applications with augmented reality can demonstrate traveler routes and directions to his or her required locations, give nitty-gritty info on sightseeing at a specific area, and even can interpret the signs on the boards. That implies, by including the layer of AR innovation in a mobile tourism application platform, it's likely to give another social experience to the app users.



AR technology can make life simpler for the shopper facing representatives, above all for those working in e-commerce retail business. As per Forrester Research, sales experts can utilize AR glasses to assist clients in purchasing makeup products that can upgrade their style. The staff members cannot just envision what the buyers would look like on applying a specific cosmetic yet additionally offer direction for the most proficient way to use it. Numerous eCommerce brands, for example, Sephora, L'Oréal, and Lowe are as of now using AR to give better customer services by means of smartphones instead of using head-mounted displays.

IKEA is another e-commerce company taking advantage of AR. It uses a tool where you can put furniture objects within actual spaces. It lets you view furniture inside your own bedroom, attempt various floor colors, and view products installed within your home. It’s a fabulous home decor tool for customers and business proprietors.

Statistics by Retail Perceptions demonstrate that 61% of customers prefer stores that offer Augmented Reality practices, 71% would come back to the store more frequently and 40% would spend more for an item when they could experience it in AR.

The flip side

With all of those positive impacts augmented reality is or will be having, one should also think about its negative viewpoints.

A noteworthy issue in AR is of privacy leaking. As the malware has attacked mobile software, a similar can befall the Augmented Reality platform. There will dependably be cyber criminals that are hoping to profit from this new innovation. AR heads-up displayed can offer cyber frauds a tremendous benefit on approaches to create scams that will exploit the innocent clients. This is the reason it’ll be necessary for law enforcement to have an association to work with sellers and users in limiting any potential threats that could be released and influence thousands.

Additionally, the tracking of location is particularly right for the users with AR until a set scale, e.g., it's not quite correct in indoor locations.

For anybody that uses a mobile device for regular activities, AR is the future that will enable users to encounter a reality that depends on individual needs and wants.

AR will even tackle the current geo-tracking challenges that will permit astounding experiences for users.AR is ready to be at the next level in the development of the digital world, and will questionably be the most collaborative and spontaneous digital encounter.

This technology will display a totally better approach to attract and increase the capacities of many domains like healthcare, manufacturing etc. The potential outcomes of AR are truly unending and when joined with the advancement of cell phones, that’s already very great.

With all of this in mind, and retaining the size of the organizations already using AR, it’s tough not to view AR making a significant impact on the vast range of domains in the coming three to five years.

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