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Augmented Reality as an effective tool in Education

Posted by Anurag

Dec 13, 2012 7:07:00 PM

Augmented Reality signifies augmenting a real–world environment by computer–generated inputs as video, graphics, sound and other mediums. Augmented reality is not a new field but its application in education is beginning to be explored.

Remember the old classrooms with blackboard and chalk, augmented reality is changing the scenario of present day education. It is gaining relevance with time by creating a unique opportunity for students to interact with the digitized and virtual environment enabling to understand concepts in an effective manner.

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Augumented Reality in Education
Augmented Reality in Education


Augmented Reality is bringing change in education by:

  • Enabling an interactive learning experience using AR books

  • Getting a 3D view of different objects, planets, organs which enables in understanding fundamentals in an in-depth manner

  • Game Based Learning


Augmented Reality Books 

Augumented Reality (AR) Solar System Magic Book
Augmented Reality (AR) Solar System Magic Book

AR is being used to create 3D models for medical projects to ensure better understanding of scientific concepts and make learning an interactive experience. For instance; Augmented Reality (AR) Solar System Magic Book created by Dr. Billinghurst and Hirokazu Kato enables children to interact with virtual world elements. Students find different planets and other heavenly bodies appearing on screen creating a sense of excitement along with a better understanding of physical world concepts.


Augmented Reality Models

AR is contributing in the educational process by making learning a joyful experience with the help of attractive 3D models instead of dull and boring black & white world of books. These models can be generated quickly, manipulated and rotated. Students receive immediate feedback about their designs which enables them to identify the problems that needs to be addressed.

Professor Art Olsen of The Scripps Research Institute presents how they use a chemical analysis software in the lab to track the motion of 3d printed models
Augmented Reality Models


Game Based Learning

Game based learning is relatively an old concept and has grown in last few years. Research demonstrates that Games are an effective learning tool in education. AR games are inculcating different skills in students including multimodal thinking, problem solving, information management, teamwork, flexibility and other skills as well.


Nintendo 3DS Games


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