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Consider these before selecting a payment gateway for your app

Consider these before selecting a payment gateway for your app


It is a known fact that mobile shopping is gaining more and more traction as people tend to move to the convenience of their smartphones for everything - right from booking rides, accommodation for vacations or purchasing clothes or food. And with the rise of these apps, mobile payments have become a vital part of our lives.

But as a developer or mCommerce app owner, you have most likely come across the question of which payment gateway to integrate in your app. And if you haven't given this much thought yet, it is high time you consider this. Payment is the final step a user takes when they buy something from an app - and if this is made difficult for users, they are likely to not go ahead with the purchase after all.

There are many payment gateways available for integrating in mobile apps - but it is of paramount importance that as a merchant you only select the one which suits your needs the best and is also easy for your users. This process of selecting payment gateway for app can become really overwhelming. 

Here's a quick guide of factors to consider before selecting a payment gateway for your mobile app

1. Easy and Fast

People usually turn to mobile apps for purchasing when they are on the go, and no one would want to use an app which takes ages in processing payments or has a lengthy and confusing process. They want results fast.

It is always a good idea to select a payment gateway which is fast in its response time and has a straightforward way of using. Otherwise there is a high possibility that the user does not complete a purchase at this stage of the process.

2. Multiple modes of payment

The best is to offer users multiple modes of payment - some users prefer using credit/debit cards, some prefer net banking and in countries like India where not a lot of people own credit cards, cash on delivery is the most prefered mode of payment.

The last thing a merchant would want is for users to not complete a purchase because they couldn't pay using the restrictive modes available in your payment gateway.

3. Security

Users paying via credit/debit cards prefer that their data is secure. A payment gateway known for its due diligence and security measures is always a good choice over any other factors.

4. The path of least resistance

A lot of developers use payment gateways which open a web page within the app rather than being integrated in the purchase process. This can be quite a hassle for end users since the web pages need quite a few steps to complete payment. An integrated payment gateway in the app would offer a smoother and frictionless experience to the user - which in turn will encourage them to shop with your app again.

5. Quicker settlement period

While user convenience comes first when selecting a payment gateway, developers should not forget the merchants themselves. Payment gateways have different settlement periods and rules. Try going for a payment gateway that has a quicker settlement period

6. Cost structure

This is again something that will affect the merchant, not the user - but it is equally important. Most payment gateways have one of the three cost structures - one time payment, per transaction or periodic. The one that works best for you would depend on the volume of transactions in your app.

7. Analyze

If yours is a new app, you might want to use analytics and understand user behavior when it comes to making payment in your app. This will tell you whether they are finding it easy to use the payment gateway and make a purchase or if they are getting stuck somewhere. If you see a lot of users having trouble with the payment, you may want to look for a change.


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