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4 Groundbreaking & Proven Benefits of Artificial Intelligence 

4 Groundbreaking & Proven Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

It is a well-known fact that Artificial Intelligence has that capability to produce extensive benefits in different sectors. It is nothing but the way to measure the machine’s ability in analyzing its environment and the consecutive actions it takes. Researchers are thriving to bring enough emotional quotient to the machinery along with intelligence and sense.

The lethal autonomous weapon is one of the famous AI product and what’s challenging is the future it imposes on us. It can also be termed as being able to observe the consequences and turns of actions.


There are innumerable applications when it comes to artificial intelligence and we are listing a few here:

 1.  Highly effective but modest:

With a quite a stupendous level of intelligence and sense these machines will receive in the future, it will have a great effect on what all jobs they can take up. Right from coding to laundry, there is no area that lags behind when it comes to AI prediction. And this efficiency is bound to increase and with it, competency will also see a massive rise.

 2. A new technological dawn:

AI is sure to open doors for more advanced technical breakthroughs. It will also contribute a lot to space science and astrophysics. For instance, owing to their ability to produce miraculous software codes, AI will not only produce accurate pieces of information but will also help us discover new chemical elements or dig hidden archaeological traces. Basically, one of the most realistic advantage AI can propose is to act as a catalyst for further technological & scientific discoveries.

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3. Boon to the Medical segment:

The medical sector lags behind when it comes to digitization. Healthcare setups continue to suffer from obsolete treatment methods. This is one of the major benefits of Artificial Intelligence. AI implementation can be seen in a lot of healthcare products nowadays where intelligence is used for seamless clinical workflows, booking appointments and analyzing health patterns of patients. Also, AI can come up with much help for predicting epidemics, endemics and monitoring outbreaks.

4. Offer smart predictions: robot-2740075_960_720

Assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google assistant can be termed as the epitome of Artificial Intelligence. With human-like capabilities, they interact with the end user and pulls out relevant information as per their demands. These voice-controlled smart assistants offer a lot like sending messages, showcasing content based on user’s liking and scheduling meetings and super fun to work with.

 If the above reasons couldn’t satiate you we present some surprising case studies where Artificial Intelligence found well of an application.

Case Studies:

  •  Plexure:

Organization details: Based out of New Zealand this media company produces tailor-made marketing messages based on real-time data and metrics.

Technologies used: Internet of Things (IoT) and Azure Stream Analytics

How did it go: Plexure customized the user experience on the McDonalds app by combining Azure analytics and social engagement. It resulted in users getting push notifications keeping factors like weather, time and location of the user into consideration. For instance, on a hot summer afternoon, the user gets an intimation for grabbing a cold coffee.

  •  Peter Glenn:

Organisation details: Provides outdoor apparel and gears to individuals and wholesale businesses.

Technologies used: AgilOne Analytics

How did it go: The AI and Machine learning based technology actually allowed Peter Glenn to t make better segmentation decisions as AgilOne Analytics offered a consolidated dashboard that offered clear insights of purchasing trends across online and offline channels.

With tech giants like Google, IBM and Microsoft contributing heavily, The Artificial Intelligence landscape is growing at a fast pace. Also having its own set of challenge, Artificial Intelligence is presently at its technological peak and will certainly continue to be.

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