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What is GeoFencing and where to use it

What is GeoFencing and where to use it


GeoFencing is a technology that helps in determining geographical boundaries. It is used for GPS and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). This technology allows anyone to set up triggers based on location information. When any person or device enters a specific boundary or area, then it will issue an alert. In simple words, it is a virtual map perimeter through which it is easy to track in real-time.

It is most commonly used as a perimeter for a particular point where a diameter can be a house, a store or can be spread out to some miles. However, there are many other uses of geofencing, for instance Google Earth which manages it with the help of satellites that displays the boundaries of a particular area. On another hand, it is used as per the latitude and longitudinal boundaries of the user and web-based maps.

Types of GeoFencing

There are two types of geofence virtual barriers.

1. Active geofence depends on the end-user - it can easily use location services to track them down. It can also be done with the help of a certain smartphone apps.

2. Passive geofencing is one which stays on all the time. These type of fencing depends on internet connectivity that can be cellular or via Wi-Fi rather than RFID and GPS. They always work in the background if the location on a smartphone is switched on.

Advancements in GeoFencing

With the advancement of technology, developers have started to play with the whole concept of geofencing as well. They come up with so many ways to apply this technology in a much more resourceful and creative aspect. It is implemented in multiple ways, from the applications like Facebook and WhatsApp to travel services applications like Uber.

If we talk about Uber, Geofencing is the main concept on which their whole innovation depends. It helps in assigning rides to a driver who is in a certain location or specific perimeter around the rider. Later around 2014, the company come up with a much more advanced form. They tweaked their whole algorithm that makes it easy for a customer to optimize rides. This is a plus for a driver since they will only accept the rides if they fall in their particular location.

Another factor for which this tool is used by Uber to prevent clogging parking spaces at the main entry and exit points including airports. Even a top brand such as Walmart is not far away from the use of Geofencing that can help them to drive sales. Electronic coupons are sent out with the help of a mobile application that depends on the location of a customer in a Walmart store.

Uses of GeoFencing

There is no doubt that if used well, the result of geofencing will be efficient, safe and even utilized to a whole new level. These are just the starting points of Geofencing technology. There is so much more to this technology then it meets the eye

Location tracking

There was a time when it was impossible to track done the total visit to a certain place. However, with the help of geofencing, it is possible to track down the location. This can show the number of time an asset attends a particular location that can be used to increase the Return on Investment. Also, the total data can help in analyzing the insight of the fleet that can result in making better decisions.

Monitoring assets

Not only it helps in tracking assets, but it is also possible to check on the frequency of a particular asset. It can be a machine that works in a fixed location or a vehicle that is running down the road. It is possible to read all the data when that particular asset falls in the area.

Alerts when assets leave

Just like an alert can be triggered when  an object or person enters a geofence area, it can also be triggered when an asset leaves a particular area where it was assigned to be located at. When an alert is generated, it is possible to investigate the situation as soon as possible before the condition goes out of control.

Traffic restrictions

There is no doubt that urban areas are the main sufferers of traffic problems. There are restrictions to travel to a certain area. Especially during the office hours, it becomes very difficult to get to work on time. However, this situation can easily be neglected all together with the help of restrictions that are put up in the area. Also, if an area is restricted then geofencing can be used to alert the vehicle to not enter through specific points.

Turnaround times

Geofencing technology can be used to monitor asset timing – entry and exit – from a specific location. Through this, it is possible to track down the turnaround time and also to identify whether the location performance is poor or accurate. This sort of application is usually followed in the logistics industry or transport sector to keep a track on the vehicles. It is easy to check that the products are loaded, unloaded or reloaded on time to reach the end point.

Billing accuracy

This is particularly helpful in the case of hiring machines or even in field services. The technology offers an easy tracking and evidence of the total time that is spent at a particular location. This sort of information needs no manual input since it will be done automatically to billing. It is done extensively to pay faster and reduce administration.

Meeting consumer demands

The main criteria of any industry is to ensure that the demand of a customer is fulfilled. User experience is the main factor on which the whole system depends. With geofencing, you can focus on that by setting up a region or a specific area to allow management. Through this, they can easily understand the product-specific area. You need to understand that you can’t sell fire extinguishers in an area that experiences floods throughout the year. This sort of things can easily be determined by setting geofencing that can provide you with all the information on the availability and status of a product. You can easily direct the assets so that they can meet customers demand.


Geofencing is not just a basic tool that tracks out a location. But it is extremely profitable if you use it in the right way. It can easily connect you with your customers with the help of  trackers, beacons and such. You can use geofencing technology to develop an application that can open new doors of opportunity for your business. Not only this, but it will give you a competitive edge that can help you to work more effectively and outrun your competitors. Top it up with the right marketing tactic and there is so much more than you will be able to do. It will simply build loyal customer and maximize your rate of conversion.

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