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Why Outbound Marketing is Still Relevant in the World of Inbound?

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Oct 17, 2017 11:30:00 PM

Inbound marketing is the new buzzword in town. It has become so trending that many executives have started to believe that outbound is dead. Inbound marketing basically means attracting potential customers to the website and then engaging with them using multiple channels to bring conversions. On the contrary, outbound aims at targeting people which are likely to be customers and broadcasting them company’s services and solutions. Thus, outbound marketing is also known as direct marketing. Due to a tremendous buzz around inbound marketing, many entrepreneurs are now ditching the direct marketing process altogether. Startups are even refraining from trying it in the first place. The truth is - outbound is still relevant.

5 Reasons Why Outbound Marketing is Still Relevant:

why outbound marketing is relevant in the age of inbound

No doubt inbound marketing is effective but that doesn’t mean that outbound isn’t. There are many reasons not to ditch direct marketing and here we will discuss why. You might also find some innovative ways of using outbound marketing for your business.

1. Direct Mails:

Direct mailing refers to broadcasting your message to prospective clients without asking for their permission prior to messaging. Even though it is not a permission-based marketing it still can be hyper-personalized based on the industry, designation of the person concerned and the company size. Note that the way of writing direct mail has changed dramatically. While earlier it involved direct broadcasting of products and offers, now it involves a series a mail which starts with informational content and drills down to company’s products over time. This strategy is great because you can generate contacts at scale and speed up your marketing.

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2. Scalability:

Inbound marketing takes time to start giving any kind of results. A rough timeline given by any inbound marketer is between 3 to 6 months. Sometimes this timeline is extended way far than expected if it is not used strategically.  Outbound marketing, on the other hand, is scalable and flexible. It is important to continue with outbound marketing to fill for the time taken by inbound methodology.


3. Speed:

Outbound can be done at any scale and speed. If you want more leads then you can purchase data, hire more marketers, use sophisticated software, outsource cold calling to BPOs etc. While to scale up inbound marketing you need to invest more time into it. Thus, outbound marketing is apt if you want to optimize for speed. Also, most marketers are comfortable with outbound methodology this makes hiring and training easier.


4. Branding:

why outbound marketing is relevant in the age of inbound

You might think that inbound is the only way to do effective branding. If social media is used properly you can create a great deal of traction to your product without the need for inbound methodology. For instance, if you have created a new SaaS product then you can target people for whom it would be relevant. The only point is that in this case, if don’t have content then you should ideally provide a direct demo. Also, if you give consistently good information to direct leads then they might start responding positively to your emails. Overall you can create a brand value even without completely depending on any one form of marketing.


5. Your Competition is Doing it:

Many companies especially B2Bs, are still using outbound marketing at scale. There are many executives who don’t easily opt-in for emails and they need to be targeted strategically. If you are not trying outbound marketing then you are losing many potential customers. Where you remain completely depended on one marketing strategy, your competition might catch the low-hanging fruit.

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