Speech with Milo Featured by Apple

Apr 15, 2013 9:13:00 AM

The Speech with Milo app series programmed at Newgenapps has been getting rave reviews - from parents and therapists. A lot of awesome stuff has been posted about the apps in many blogs/sites, podcasts and even newspapers.


And now, we are happy (and proud) to announce that Apple has featured Speech with Milo in the Special Education apps series.

Speech with Milo featured by Apple


The Speech with Milo app series were developed by Poorani Doonan, a licensed speech therapist. It revolves around a cute mouse Milo who teaches kids words through interactive apps.


This is one more addition to list of the apps developed by us being featured by Apple and we are proud to be associated with Doonan Speech Therapy for developing this series of apps.

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