Lunch with LeVar Burton

Jun 14, 2012 3:34:00 PM

One of the good things about the WWDC, apart from the knowledge that oozes out of this place, is the lunches they arrange with celebrity guests who use technology in their profession.

Last year it was Buzz Aldrin (and it was a special feeling to see an app developed by us being showcased in front of thousands of people!).

This year we got to meet LeVar Burton, famous actor, director and producer. LeVar talked about how technology affects his work and how he uses it in his incredible work. He talked about the impact his mentors, storytelling, science fiction and technology had on his work and how he uses it to his advantage.

LeVar demonstrated how he uses technology in his works and how the powerful Mac OS X and iOS platforms help him. It's amazing to see this technology being put to use so creatively.

Just goes to remind us that the possibilities of using iOS and Mac OS X platforms is endless.  

We also got an exclusive sneak-peak at his latest project - the Reading Rainbow App coming out next month, based on his hit TV show - Reading Rainbow.   Check back for more updates from the WWDC!