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3 Major Announcements at the AWS Summit, NYC

3 Major Announcements at the AWS Summit, NYC


Big data and cloud computing together have created a huge potential for intelligent data driven solutions for businesses. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud platform has enabled scalable analysis of data through on-demand computing power, analysis, security and analytics. With a 40% market share till date, Amazon is the biggest player in the cloud solution space. With the current pace of innovations and improvements in AWS, it seems that these metrics are here to stay. The AWS Summit held at New York on August 14, 2017, marked the launch of a range of new innovations and solutions. Being proud partners of AWS, we at NewGenApps are happy to report that Amazon has made some serious improvements on its existing platform, solving the 3 major issues that customers faced on moving to cloud.

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Major Announcements at the AWS Summit, NYC: 

Potential clients face three major issues while moving their servers and data to cloud. Clients are often concerned about seamless migration, data security and speed. In the AWS Summit at NYC, Amazon has announced solutions to put all these concerns at rest:

1. Migration:

migration hub - AWS Summit New York Major Announcements

AWS already packs a decent discovery, migration and tracking toolkit and has now gathered all of its expertise underone roof.  Companies face a major challenge to properly migrate their existing data into the cloud. This migration takes a considerable amount of time and the number of complications increase with the volume and variations in data. AWS earlier had three separate services for different stages of data migration to cloud:

  • AWS Application Discovery Service for the discovery and collection of system information.
  • AWS Server Migration Service to smoothen the process of moving workloads to the cloud
  • AWS Database Migration Service for moving both relational and NoSQL databases and data warehouses with minimal downtime.

Thus,the entire process of discovery, migration and tracking of servers and data that was executed in parts,created many management issues. Now this entire process can be managed from a single dashboard using the new AWS Migration Hub. This service was one of the major announcements at the AWS Summit, New York. Now, a single dashboard controls and monitors  the entire migration process. This is done primarily to motivate more enterprises to move to the cloud instead of managing their own data servers.

2. Security:

Maisie - AWS Summit New York Major Announcements

Security is another major concern while migrating and managing data on cloud servers. To deal with this, Amazon has added a brand new service, Amazon Macie. Macie uses machine learning algorithms to identify, block and report unauthorized access to data, thereby reducing the amount of monitoring required by humans. Amazon Macie can automate data monitoring for security purposes. This will help to protect sensitive company data in the cloud storage, particularly in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Another announcement during  the AWS Summit, New York was regarding the ability to encrypt data stored in Amazon Elastic File System. While creating a new file system, a key can be selected to encrypt the contents of the files stored on the system. This encryption is implemented using the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm. The addition of encryption capabilities has added a significant security advantage for the data on cloud.

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3. Data documentation:

AWS Glue - AWS Summit New York Major Announcements

One of the most common pitfalls developers face is with writing the boilerplate about the data before making any sort of data analysis. This task of documentation takes up a significant time of data scientists and is an everyday routine. To ease the pain, Amazon has come up with AWS Glue, a “serverless” extract, transform and load (ETL) service. Glue provides crawlers that can automatically detect and infer schemas from a variety of data sources and data types. But that's not it. Glue can automatically generate ETL scripts, in Python, to translate data from its source format to its target format.

AWS Summit, New York marked the launch of many new services and improvements over the existing set of functions. Adrian Cockcroft, VP Cloud Architecture Strategy and Dr. Matt Wood, GM, Artificial Intelligence together headed the New York summit and made some groundbreaking announcements. Apart from the major solutions mentioned above, AWS has also improved upon its analytical capacities. With a range of analytical solutions for analyzing data, Amazon has successfully addressed the varied needs of data scientists. With the current pace of improvements, Amazon will likely remain the leader in cloud solutions as it always has been.

Our capabilities at NewGenApps acknowledge deep expertise in implementing new age technologies, primarily Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. We are proud partners of AWS and will continue to be in future. Our certified cloud architects and solution experts help to leverage cloud computing and scalable, on-demand computing power for technical implementations. If you are looking for a cloud solution provider to help you with managing your data on cloud then feel free to contact us.


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