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We have been developing Windows Phone apps since its first launch in October 2010.With more popular Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone smartphones in the market, we have been developing apps for this platform and have seen it evolving. 

Just like in iOS and Android, it recently introduced "Cortana", a voice assistant much like 'Siri' and 'Google Now'.

Every platform has its unique user interface guidelines. While Android uses "Material Design", Windows Phone uses 'Modern'/ 'Metro' design concept. We promote using platform specific design guidelines while developing apps for different platforms.

 We're adept in developing Windows Phone apps using

  • Cameras, GPS, Accelerometers
  • Streaming media
  • Maps
  • Bluetooth
  • Multi-touch 


  • User Interface (using Modern/ Metro UI)
  • App Development
  • Multiple Screen Support
  • Performance Optimization
  • Testing
  • Publishing
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