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Web development, in general, refers to the tasks related to developing websites for hosting via internet or intranet. The Web development process has many steps and it includes Web content development, network security configuration, Web design and client-side/server-side scripting among other tasks. Web development or website development is the programming or coding that allows website functionality according to the owner's requirements. Web development provides the experience and tools to create effective interfaces and build websites that are based on navigation upon purposeful development and design. Web development allows users to code, publish, design, market and monetize games and apps using cross-platform tools. Topics such as CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, HTML5, HTTP, Ajax, scripting languages, and multimedia are major tools in website development. To be a web developer, one should have in-depth knowledge of core concepts of in information management including data management systems and data models.



The Web development follows a certain hierarchy or the process with which it works and it is given as:

  • Client-side coding
  • Server-side coding
  • Database technology

Server-side rendering only means that the pages are completely build by the logic on the server while in the Client-side rendering, using JavaScript, the content of the web page is constructed in the browser

Website development is about building applications which run in a web browser and the logic of these applications is CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. This is one field that has changed a lot over past few years. Now the developers utilize almost every major programming language to build web applications. If we go back to the time when it started, the web development only consisted of static HTML pages, and the navigation was done through hyperlinks and perhaps a few pictures to convey a better picture. But to make it more successful, there was a need to conditionally render some content, to make web pages more interactive and to track some kind of state. Then came technologies like CGI, ColdFusion or ASP which made web development much easier. With development, browser technology evolved and computers got faster with a growing demand for more complex applications JavaScript and CSS, they began to expand the capabilities of many web applications. CSS makes it a lot more easier to change the style and style web applications by giving CSS the role of defining the style and layout of content and HTML the role of defining content. Then came technologies like AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) which dynamically updated the web pages without having the need to refresh the page. Then SPAs or Single Page Applications came into use with which no page refreshes were needed to build entire web applications. The basic functionality and underlying technologies of the web have remained the same.

A web application is a lot more different than the desktop application for the fact that web applications are required to repeatedly make requests from the server for every action that occurs in the application. In a web application, it is to be considered that the underlying HTTP protocol is stateless and the states between requests have to be managed and a track of the individual users using the web application has to be kept. While in the desktop application, you might be able to access the state data that hold various bits of state in memory while switching to a different section or page of the application. The patterns and frameworks make it easier to do, but the criticality lies in the fact that web development is very different from other kinds of development due to constant client-server interactions and the statelessness of HTTP.


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

HTML is the basis of web development and all the web development is eventually based on HTML which specifies the layout and the format of the web page. It contains series of tags that define the components and parts of a web page.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS is used to cleanly separate the content of a web page from the styling of it because earlier when HTML was used to display the webpage, specify its format and style, there came a problem of changing HTML in many places in the application. So CSS can be used to efficiently define the styling for the web page in which it is to be linked in. a set of CSS pages can be linked to An entire web application to change its style and a lot more like changing the locations of elements, making elements appear or disappear, changing fonts, resizing, etc.



JavaScript has evolved to be used as a central tool in web development. It is a fully-functional dynamic language that can be run directly in the browser making the web pages more responsive. JavaScript allows to programmatically change the entire structure and style of a web page.

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