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How VR Works? Know The Technology Behind Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality technology fabricates an absorbing experience for any user making them realize they are interacting with their digital environment in real and also creating real-life simulations. To be more facile, virtual reality creates a virtual world for the users but is fashioned in a way where the difference between real and virtual world is quite hard to tell. A computer created, artificial simulation or recreation of some real-life situation is what virtual reality is. Vision and hearing of the user are simulated primarily, immersing them in a completely different world.

Working of VR

Virtual reality uses a range of systems like omnidirectional treadmills, headsets, and special gloves to actually trigger our senses together in order to create the illusion of reality. Unlike the earlier historical era of virtual reality, today the virtual reality is usually implemented using computer technology. Now the difficult part was to implement realism and immersiveness because our brains are evolved to provide us with a finely mediated and synchronized experience and anything out of sync would be recognized easily. Virtual reality involves both conceptual and technical parts and successful application of virtual reality with the right software, hardware, and sensory synchronicity, it would build a new concept called as a sense of presence where the object would feel like they are actually present in the real.



Like for a war zone, your home would convert into a battleground with a 3D environment where you will navigate, immerse and interact with the help of special hardware devices. To experience VR, one needs a VR headset and the VR app, that makes both the hardware and the software for it. The VR headset fits on your eyes and over your head, and visually disconnects you from the physical space you're occupying. It lets you experience a different reality in a computer-generated environment. With VR you can virtually tour the Louvre, hike the Grand Canyon, and immerse yourself in a video game without leaving your couch. It is highly engrossing and so is being considered the next big thing in the tech industry. In the entertainment sector, from films made by Hollywood to theatrical experiences and live-streamed concerts, VR has become a place to view media that surround you. To capture these VR stories, new cameras and tools are being built and the number is ever-growing for their upload and live streaming. Soon these experiences might seem like reality and not films anymore. The gaming sector is obviously the most dominant area of VR which gives designers the freedom to take games to incredible new places and replace the usual joysticks and buttons controllers with the ability to touch and reach things. The designing has also become quite easy with VR where the designers can use virtual tools to build a real home or design car and other vehicle parts just like they were for real. Wand-like controllers and apps are already making VR an amazing playground and very soon these will be vital for all the designing work. Virtual reality is so engrossing that in the real estate sector, even from miles away, one could easily walk down the house they wish to seem like they were already there or fit in your favourite furniture to see how it would look. These would all be possible with VR. it would allow its users to walk into a virtual clothing store with infinite varieties and options to try on the spot. Now imagine climbing Mt.Everest while sitting home or visit famous destinations or even capturing your own memories in a 360-degree camera. VR can model the world in an incredibly visual way, chemistry, medicine, astronomy or physics, its simulations can offer designs, techniques, and ideas in every field.


Whatever it is too expensive, dangerous or impractical in real, virtual reality is the answer. Virtual reality allows us to take virtual risks in order to experience the real world, from trainee surgeons in the medical field to trainee fighter pilots, VR is getting mainstream. VR can be implemented in any form of media be it videos or movies but that would only be possible through VR hardware like goggles and headsets that are being manufactured by companies like OnePlus, Samsung and Oculus Rift. The Virtual reality is now not just confined to social networking and video games that are developed for a virtual environment but has a broader scope. Virtual reality uses a host of technologies to achieve its goal of providing a virtual environment with the appropriate responses in real time and this is a technically complex feat that has to account for our cognition and perception. Virtual reality and augmented reality, if worked together, could substantively change the way we see and communicate with the world and other things...

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