Unity 3D

What is Unity 3D?

Unity 3D is a cross platform game development tool used by developers to create high-end games. It comes with an integrated development environment that can be used to create and deploy applications on multiple platforms from a single interface. Its USP lies in its ability to create intriguing graphics, interactive gameplay and handy layout. The crisp layout options available in unity help in developing UI/UX that engages the end user. Be it iOS, Android, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Linux or any of the popular platforms, Unity makes working easy and efficient.

Why Unity ?

Saves Time:

According to research2guidance, “30% of developers have realized 50%+ time savings because of Cross-Platform Development Tools.” With Unity, developers need not worry about testing their game on each and every platform separately. This saves their time thus resulting in rapid development.



Fewer platforms to test means fewer chances of bugs and crashes. The entire application is designed on one interface that serves as the window for tracking all crashes and bugs. There is no need to follow-up on the analytics separately for each platform.


Interactive Game Design:

The most important element of any game is user engagement. Unity 3D redefines user engagement with the help of interactive design elements. There are many pre-built sets of libraries and layouts that can be bought from the store as well. With the help of these add-ons, you can enjoy gaming at its best.


Rapid Deployment:

Unity 3D game engine saves time spent on making code modifications for deploying on various platforms. Developers only need to select the platform and select ‘build’ and Unity takes care of the remaining process.

How New Gen Apps can help ?

We at New Gen Apps have a team of dynamic developers who have experience on working with many cross-development platforms including Unity 3D. With our skills mixed with modern technology we are able to provide results that matter. Our creative UI/UX engineers and interactive game designers can assure best in class service for you.

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