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TITANIUM is a web based application framework used for developing mobile, tablet and other desktop applications. Incorporated in the year 2008 by Appcelerator Inc., this framework is especially designed for developing iPhone as well as Android-based mobile applications. This framework is developed as per web standards to ensure total client satisfaction.

The major objective of Titanium Mobile is to offer high level, cross-platform JavaScript runtime and API for mobile development. Titanium shares similarities with MacRuby/Hot Cocoa, PHP, or node.js rather than PhoneGap, Corona, or Rhomobile.


Advantages of Appcelerator Titanium Platform:

Cross-platform mobile development support

Titanium offers optimum solution to develop cross-platform apps on different platform and devices. It is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime as well as API framework used to carry out mobile development on Android as well as iOS. This platform is especially designed keeping in mind mobile web with possible future support for Blackberry and Windows.

Developed using a JavaScript-based platform with an integrated Eclipse-based IDE

Titanium framework uses code written in JavaScript, combines this code with the Titanium API (which is in written in the targeted device’s native language) further evaluates code at runtime using JavaScript interpreter which runs on the device’s operating systems.

Faster than other Mobile application framework

TITANIUM helps in developing mobile applications 70 times faster than other mobile
application framework available in the market. This framework helps in developing mobileapps in much less time as compared to others.


TITANIUM is an important tool to develop different web based applications including e-books, mobile applications and other business applications

Look and feel

The look and feel of a Titanium application, using common UI widgets of the platform is an added advantage.

Titanium offers several user-friendly features across multiple platforms which should be used by the developers. Titanium is an attempt to achieve code reuse using a unified JavaScript API, with platform-specific features and native performance.

Some Limitations of the Titanium mobile application development:

Extending to other platforms

The Titanium platform is only available for the iOS, Android platforms and the web. To implement the Titanium API on new platforms like the upcoming Windows 8 is an immense undertaking.

Non-native user experience

The performance and feel of UI widget sets that Titanium provides need more work. They do not feel similar to the native controls offered by their SDKs.

Sub-optimal API implementation

As the layer of abstraction offered by Titanium is large, sub-optimal API implementation remains in its internal framework. Optimizing the core user interface components remains the major engineering task for its developers.

Huge learning curve

A comprehensive knowledge of Titanium's architecture and the environment is required to effectively integrate an innovative native control or API. High level guides for module developers were improved to a great extent but still need to be worked upon.


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