Intelligense: Mobile App Development

Mobile Applications have now become the point of contact for most businesses, giving both the business and the user an ease and comfort in communication. As challenging as it may appear to be, the process that begins with the ideation of an app and concludes with the final product, has now gathered momentum. Also, growing by leaps and bounds is the wide variety of tools and templates that help optimize the structure of the development process.



To take you through the hierarchy of a mobile app development, let’s begin with the end goal. It’s essential to have clarity in thought at the initial stage for an efficient execution. Keeping the core feature aside of the non-core (“what i also want in the app”) features greatly helps in designing a strategy that focuses on the main product. Once the idea is firm enough, shift the focus to the design element. Design is a medium to reciprocate the thought and communicate the same with the user. Minimal design and clear action buttons keep it simple for the user to operate the mobile app, accelerating the user experience.

Limit your efforts to the idea and design of the mobile app, for what comes next is the development process. Allow an expert team of developers to take control of the codes and frameworks that lead to the packaging of the app. All you need to decide here is the platform that is to contain the application - Android, iOS or any other.



Take the time to think through the consideration between a native and a hybrid app. Based on the choice of your operating system for the software, there are evident enough distinctions between native apps that are designed for a particular OS and hybrid apps that can function across all platforms. Consider the pros and cons based on budget, ease of updates, security, performance, response rate, speed, source codes, technology used, etc. What brings bigger benefits to the business should be the bottom line of making the decision between the two.

NewGenApps for Mobile App Development

With the rising demand and popularity of mobile applications to mobilize business, our team stays a step ahead by resonating the latest technologies. NewGenApps is also official partners of Amazon and Google among others. Our team has been developing smartphone mobile applications ever since iPhone and Android phones first hit the mobile market.  Our development team has a wide experience in areas including:

  • Leading smartphone platforms - iOS, Android
  • Facebook application development
  • Customized Google Apps development

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Taking a closer look at some of our accomplishments, below are a few of our major breakthroughs

Android and iOS Apps with NGA:

  • Expert developers from the pool of 30+ skilled Android developers
  • Successfully developed 2000+ Android and iOS apps
  • Leading App development since the release of Android & iOS SDK
  • Offers 30-60% cost savings compared to in-house or local developers
  • Strong technology competency to offer end-to-end mobility solution
  • Source code protection and 100% confidentiality assurance.
  • Better control over development process and on offshore development team from India
  • Flexible app support and maintenance engagement to enhance efficiency.



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