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Step by step guide to Magento


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Magento is a content mangement system designed especially for robust development eCommerce stores. It is one the most looked upon ecommerce solution that has gained trust from a lot of companies. It caters to both small as well as large sized businesses. Magento provides enterprise class features along with the flexibility needed to create an ecommerce solution tailored to the unique needs.

Magento solutions offered by NewGenApps

  • SEO responsive information structure for your Magento eCommerce storefront
  • Theme and template design and development
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations
  • UI/UX focused Magento web design, development, and customization
  • Customer loyalty and rewards program
  • Support, maintenance and migration services
  • Magento mobile commerce
  • Magento proves to be an excellent content management system for eCommerce websites
Newgenapps has proved over the years of work its ability to transition to Magento by understanding the immense flexibility this solution offers.
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