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Newgenapps is excited to announce the addition of Testing as a Service (TaaS) to our lineup of services. Now make sure your app works perfectly on thousands of different devices. We can help you improve the quality of your iOS, Android, and web applications by testing them against real smartphones and tablets in the AWS Cloud.

Mobile test infrastructure is one the major constraints during Mobile Application Testing. Mobile devices are costly and Emulators provide limited testing capability. Amazon Device farm offers real time mobile app testing across thousands of devices.


AWS Device farm is the simplest AWS online device cloud, that provides customers with the necessary tools for convenient, effective, and immediate testing for their mobile strategy. It enables continuous development and testing on real mobile devices. Its unique debugging feature for app developers pinpoints potential errors that will significantly reduce costs and time.

With Device Farm testing, the reduction in release time allows customers to focus on improved features instead of corrections.

Utilize our competence on testing your apps in every geography and carrier using AWS Device Farm. With an experience of 8 years in app development and being Amazon partners, we are confident to deliver best solutions to your needs.

Our Differentiators

  • Being AWS partners, we have access to all the latest softwares and solutions from AWS which other vendors might not have
  • Being into Mobile App development for more than 8 years now, we understand the needs and challenges faced while testing mobile apps
  • Test execution by our staff of experienced test engineers. Our test engineers have recently attended AWS Reinvent 2015 held at Las Vegas and attended partner bootcamps & several other technical sessions for Device Farm
  • Fully managed testing. As your needs grow, we grow with you. When needed, we can supply a fully managed test service, also available on demand
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