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Internet Of Things (IoT)

We have only imagined our pets talking to us but have you ever imagined your house talking to you or your car, door talking to the light switches! Internet has made this possible connecting almost everything present around us. The refrigerator, washing machine, microwave and even your pots, now nothing is untouched by digital world.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a practice of data analysis that mechanises analytical model building. A learning machine which regularly keeps learning to keep its actions right and insights fresh, is a true machine learning system. The data is fed into the learning machine with every action and non-action feeds and then the task gets automated without constantly requiring human or manual interference.

Machine learning has allowed computers to find hidden insights, using algorithms that repeatedly acquire from data that is provided to them, without being programmed explicitly where to look.


Mobile App Development

It is now globally accepted that the need and demand of mobile has escalated in all the commercial activities. We are here to accelerate your business by developing and designing excellent mobile applications. At Newgenapps we provide services for different platforms (OS) supported by an outstanding experienced team dedicatedly handling  our global clientele.

Web Development

Web development, in general, refers to the tasks related to developing websites for hosting via internet or intranet. The Web development process has many steps and it includes Web content development, network security configuration, Web design and client-side/server-side scripting among other tasks. Web development or website development is the programming or coding that allows website functionality according to the owner's requirements.

artificial intelligence.png

Artificial Intelligence

It is projected that in this decade most of the new data will be not be generated by people, but by sensors and intelligent,embedded devices that are connected to the internet-smartphones,traffic lights,MRI scanners,smart energy grids and heavy industrial systems.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is the branch of artificial intelligence that deals with generating, understanding and analyzing the languages that humans naturally use in order to communicate with computers in both spoken and written ways using natural human languages instead of computer languages. Artificial intelligence is the engineering and science of constructing and building intelligent computer programs and machines. It does not limit itself to techniques that are biologically observable and relates to the idea of using computers to understand human intelligence.


Cloud Computing

It is a network of remote servers that are hosted on the Internet to manage, store and process data. It refers to the services that are provided by a collection of remote servers over a network. Until the 19th century, people produced their own electricity, connecting their house to windmill to run their own machines. Late in the 19th century, power plants were made to generate a huge amount of electricity in a single go and were then transmitted to every house.

Now we don’t need to run the power generator of our own and we can switch the light on by just a click. Cloud computing is doing the similar things to technology or computing what power plants used to do in the 1800s.