Checklist: Mobile App Development Framework

Which mobile app development framework to choose ?

How to choose the best development platform for a mobile app? Should you consider native mobile applications or cross-platform solutions? Is it worth dealing with Blackberry and Windows Phone these days? Or is it better to focus on such 800-pound gorillas as iOS and Android?

Target Audience

When choosing a platform you need to consider your target audience. Pay attention to geographic criteria as they may be the most crucial for you. Platforms vary widely by region.

User Behaviour

User behavior differs depending on an OS and also a country. If you develop a free app without any monetization, then it may probably be unimportant for you to know where people are inclined to buy apps and make in-app purchases.


Hybrid app is basically a web page optimized for the use on various devices and wrapped in a native container.

Device you need to support ?

Target device for the application need to be defined.


Their are certain guidelines for the application to be submitted to the store.

Additional Cost related to programming ?

One of the things you will need to think ahead of is additional costs related to app development.

User expectations importance?

Depending on the platform and its creator, users have certain expectations from apps on their devices. If you want to make them feel satisfied, consider those hopes.

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