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Raja Bazar


Can AI Help You With Personal Investment?

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Android Apps for healthcare | VPS Android App – case study

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SunGlass | Android App | Computer Vision – case study

Mobile App Developers | Mobile App – Case Study

Prompster | Mobile App | Teleprompter – case study

Zig360 | iOS app | iOS app – case study

Case Study – Metnav | Mobile App Development

MapAlerter | Android app | Android app – case study

Plan Central | Cross-platform | Plan Activity – case study

VidLib | iOS App | Stock Footage Platform – case study

Internet of Things | Connected Devices | IoT – case study

IMMMS | Web Portal | Managing Events – case study

UpTick | Mobile App | Stock Game – case study

Humtap | iOS App | Music App – case study

HR Management system | HRMS | HRMS tool

Case Study – Unbxd | iOS and Android SDK

At Home Healer | iOS app | Health Care – case study

Songswriters pad | Android app | iOS app – case study

Hap9 | Mobile App | Happening Places – case study

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Android App Development Company | ContextU

Baby Development | Android app | Child Care – case study

VIP | Android App | Doctor and Client – case study

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Songwriter’s Pad

I was extremely happy with my project with New Gen Apps. The team is outstanding. Extremely responsive and inquisitive. They ask important questions and make excellent suggestions regardless of the subject matter. I always knew that I was in good hands and would get exactly what I asked for- or better. Communication is, by far, New Gen Apps greatest asset. I was always able to get a clear and articulate answer right away. I never had to wait or pester for an answer- it always came immediately. The team has an incredible work ethic and cares very much about their customers. They want what is best for you. I absolutely plan to do more work with New Gen Apps, and recommend that anybody building an app do the same.The team is always willing to go above and beyond when asked. Terrific team that produces quality work. I will always look to NGA first for any project.


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