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Whitepaper: Chatbots for Insurance

Here are some benefits of a chatbot that make it an ideal fit for the insurance industry:

Streamlining tedious processes

Customers dread the enormous number of steps involved while buying or renewing insurance. Chatbots cut down on unnecessary steps and frequent to-and-fro between agents by walking customers through simple steps in a conversational manner. Easy access to information and the removal of excessive human intervention makes customer onboarding simpler.

Reducing customer confusion

People usually dread interacting with insurers because of the difficult and confusing jargons associated with the insurance industry. For e.g., trying to navigate the differences between various policies can be overwhelming to a consumer who is not familiar with the insurance space and its jargons. A chatbot can help reduce confusion by simplifying the complex terms into more straightforward language and walking customers through simple steps.

Reducing customer wait times

In the face of growing competition in the insurance sector, insurers are finding it difficult to attract and retain customers due to extended waiting times. Chatbots are easily accessible round the clock and provide instant responses to customer queries. This reduces customer wait times and as a result, improves customer experience.


Your customer support team can handle only so many customer queries at once. But chatbots are automated tools and hence can address thousands of customers at once. Whether you have 5 or 500 people on your website looking for answers, a chatbot is able to answer any number of queries instantly, at the same time. There is no limit to the number of conversations a chatbot can have at the same time.

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