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Whitepaper: Big Data for Food & Beverages Industry

Big Data is Transforming the Food and Beverage Industry

Big Data Helps Allocate Food and Beverage Across the Country

By using Big Data to track purchasing decisions from wholesalers down to the customer level, food and beverage companies can learn what products are being purchased and where. For example, a company might learn that customers in the Pacific Northwest are purchasing 15% more of a diet beverage than the nationwide average. Further, they may learn that the Midwest is purchasing 15% less of that same beverage. This knowledge allows the company to know to ship more of the diet product to the Pacific Northwest and less to the Midwest

Big Data Helps Schedule Food Deliveries

Big Data can optimize on-time deliveries of orders to restaurants, food chains, and home customers. Big Data will collect recent information from various sources about road traffic, weather, temperature, routes, etc. and provide an accurate estimate of the orders’ times. This data analysis helps ensure that food/beverage companies don’t waste their resources transporting stale products. They will deliver perishable food items when they are fresh.

Big Data Analyzes Customer Sentiment

Big Data can analyze customer sentiment by monitoring customer emotions expressed on social media networks. Food companies use sentiment analysis to track their customers’ emotions. They can assess negative reviews and take appropriate preventive steps before the word spreads. Large food retailers like McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut have found this particularly valuable

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