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Modern Technologies Influencing BFSI

Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing are changing the way we interact with each other. This is also influencing the working and operations of banking, finance and insurance sectors. With time these modern innovations can change the way things operate in BFSI sector. The impact will be clear within a decade – if not before.

We have incorporated all such technological impacts in this eBook to provide a brief introduction to you. This eBook will give you great insights on the innovations happening today and possibilities ahead. Please download it by filling this form.


What we do at Newgenapps


We offer wide range of services to cater mobility needs of all size financial and banking clients. We have provided mobile & web solutions to idata.capital, qedfs.com, and Metlife enterprises. Some of the significant solutions we offer:

  • Custom Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Banking Services
  • Cloud based banking Solutions
  • Net Banking Portal
  • Electronic Bill Presentment/Payment (EBPP) – Consumer to Business Payments
  • Electronic Invoice Presentment/Payment (EIPP) – Business to Business Payments
  • mWallet and mBanking platform
  • E-Commerce Transaction Platforms

Help in Bank & Finance sector


  • You can rely on our proven practices to improve your facility, in many ways through: