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Case Study: Unbxd

Unbxd SDK for iOS and Android

Unbxd is an Indian startup which provides a Site Search and Personalization platform which helps ecommerce companies to engage their customers on their websites. It provides the tools that marketers and merchandisers need to help customers find what they’re looking for in ecommerce websites. Its solutions are currently used by over 150 customers in 40 countries now to make the online shopping experience better for their users

The Challenge

The client needed Android and iOS SDKs which could be used by Unbxd users to integrate in their mCommerce apps. The SDK could then be used to add features provided by Unbxd – Site Search integration, Analytics and Autosuggestion.


Our Strategy

The main features which NewGenApps implemented are:

  • Integration Search: Unbxd SDK is capable of improving the search on your e-commerce web and mobile apps (Android or iOS). Site Search comes with useful features such as Autosuggest, Filtering, Spell-check, and many others which help provide your customers a personalized environment to shop.
  • Analytics: Unbxd Analytics tracks visitor events like search hits, product clicks, orders, etc. on your app. It also tracks visitors and identifies their repeat visits. This information is then aggregated, analysed, and used for: generating detailed reports, providing relevant search results.
  • Auto Suggest: Autosuggest allows your visitors to find products right from the first keystroke.


The Results

The SDK for both iOS and Android will soon be released on GitHub as open source. We firmly believe that this SDK will make it easy for Unbxd users to build their mobile apps with easy search and filter functionality and capture analytics better.