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Mobile App

Mobile App are designated for customers according to the type of service they desire and demand with the flexibility to upgrade the features for better interaction and services. Mobile Apps are basically of three types:-

  • Web App : Apps that are websites in real, stored on remote server and accessed via internet.
  • Native App : Those app that run on specific platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc.
  • Hybrid App : Apps with cross-platform compatibility while using phone’s hardware.

NewGenApps build the above apps. The main challenges is in selecting type of mobile apps remembering its pro and cons, choosing among the designing model like MVC,MVVM,MVP and keeping it intact throughout the project. Each type of mobile app has its own challenges regarding the functionality required and technology used. Some of the common challenges are security, memory usage, data storage and user interactivity.


Proper analysis of the code requirement and selection of appropriate technology solves most of the problems. NewGenApps has created various mobile apps like Hap9, GeoConnect, My Homey, Zig 360, Swangg App, VIP etc. Each app has different features and different solutions were provided for different challenges faced. The finding of appropriate solution depends on following points:-

  • Feature to be implemented
  • Default/Third parties used
  • Technology used
  • Design model used


Some solutions regarding known problems:-

  • Security Issue:- The request and response should be properly encoded. Services must be provided only after authorization and authentication. All ports must be closed and accessed only after authentication.
  • Memory Usage:- Memory utilization must be managed. Cache memory must be cleaned from time to time. The variables or instances allocation must be deallocated once its work is over.
  • Data Storage:- Cloud storage must be preferred over local storage.
  • User Interactivity:- Users must find the app interactive in case of response, smooth in functioning, easy to use, high accessibility i.e. anywhere at anytime.


The Technology Stack

  • Phonegap(Cordova) – To build hybrid apps
  • Xcode – To build iOS apps
  • Android Studio – To build android apps
  • AWS/Azure – For cloud storage
  • ArangoDB – For database
  • Parse – For API calls


Mobile apps is now a part and parcel of our life. It has simplified many of our tasks and provided a wide reach to the other parts of world. It connects people of various likes, dislikes, priority, different age groups and society contributing a desired service or task.


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