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Case Study: Humtap

Humtap is a music creation app whose mission is to enable real-time music creation and sharing for everyone on-the-fly, by dismantling limited music creation to musicians. We provide a music creation platform for everyone on the cloud and mobile that is driven by the human voice and is augmented with artificial intelligence and algorithmic composition. Despite our love for music, people don’t create or share their own original music because it’s inaccessible, hard, intimidating, time consuming, and also expensive to do. Thus, we don’t express ourselves with music online or otherwise but Humtap technology breaks down the divide between music listening and music creation. With Humtap, instant music creation is as easy as listening to music and we enable both businesses to create their own music soundtracks for online content, and consumers to express themselves musically on social media.

The Challenge

A challenge that was faced while developing the application was to sync the video with the audio. After the user uploads a video, the app is supposed to automatically fit in the audio corresponding to the video.

High Level Solution

Humtap is an automated music creation platform using human sound as input, artificial intelligence, algorithm composition and cloud computing.


  • Instant music creation –Humtap is one such app where you can actually become an artist by creating your own music video and sharing it with friends and people on the app.
  • Share your voice with the world – The app lets its users to share the videos internally in the app and also on other social networks.
  • Enable businesses to create their own soundtracks Apart from letting its users to express themselves musically on social media, Humtap also allows businesses to create their own soundtracks for online content.