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Case Study: ContextU

ContextU is one-of-a kind application that brilliantly organises all the events related to your phone book, be it your call conversations, texts, emails, birthdays, important dates or personal notes. The app is devised in a way that it lets the users view all the recent calls and conversations related to any person who is in the contact list. ContextU brings context to the conversations that matter. It is a very convenient app to use and has a beautifully designed UI to keep a track of all the essential data related to any contact. While an incoming call, the app would display all the associated information regarding his last incoming calls, just like a sneak peek, which would ultimately help user recall any significant stuff. The app runs on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above.

The Challenge

An unfamiliar task for our developers was Fetching data from Microsoft Azure Tables in JSON format that took the most time while developing the app.


High Level Solution

The developers implemented artificial intelligence algorithm to gather all the related summary to display it on-screen during an incoming call.


  • Uncomplicated design – ContextU has a very handy interface and runs on all devices using Android 5.0 and above.
  • Summary generation – While an incoming call, the app would generate a summary that is user-readable from calls, sms and email records, depending on time they are received.
  • Organise all the events – Users have an option to organise all the information related to a user, add notes, birthdays, emails or even personal notes.