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Case Study: Biz Parking

Biz Parking is an impressive application that lets the users locate a public parking space with the help of other registered users that are in the vicinity and/or with the exit time of another person from the parking place. This application is also equipped with the built-in GPS system which allows the user find the coveted parking space with all the directions and traffic, shown on the app itself. Another striking feature of this application is that it will let the users cash their points which they rake in on signing up and helping other users find their terminus. Biz Parking is a first one-of-its-kind application that has a startling interface and is clumped with a variety of attributes like chat collaboration where two users can communicate through texts and pictures to find a spot, push notifications to people that are within 600 meters of the current location, earning points while referring to people and also allows In-App purchase for obtaining points. The application is supported on all iOS Devices that run iOS 9 and iOS 10 and uses Firebase as the platform.

The Challenge

The main challenge here was to work with Firebase and provide a system that would have all the necessary features to help user find a parking spot of their wish.


High Level Solution

The application is very well equipped with the GPS facility which enables users to know the exact public parking spots with the help of other neighboring users, get directions to reach that spot and get rewarded for that. This app is made to ease the hurdle that most of the people face in their everyday lives and that is a good parking space.




  • Simplicity in finding parking spot – The application makes it quite comprehensive for the users to get a public parking space in their locale.
  • GPS enabled – The GPS enabled feature of the application is a very convenient way for the users to not only find a parking spot but also get routes to reach that spot.
  • Push notifications – The application is so designed that whenever a user tries to find a location, the applications sends out push notifications to near-by users so that they may communicate with each other.