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Baby Development

Baby development guide is an Android application designed for parents or fundamentally everyone who wants to track various milestones in a baby’s development from birth to the first years of childhood. The app has a beautifully designed UI that lets you get familiar with the child’s growth at all stages. Once the user has entered the date of birth of the baby, the next page would direct you to the age and the corresponding behaviour that a normal baby will probably show and that would be categorised as sleeping, eating, weight, mobility, etc. This is a free mentor to note down every little detail about your child as to when the baby would start crawling, sitting, walking, jumping, speaking, etc. These are the very basic questions that mums and dads all over the world are often found asking and this app will surely have answers to most of these questions. Baby development app works on all devices having Android 4.0 and above.

The Challenge

An unfamiliar task for our developers was Fetching data from Microsoft Azure Tables in JSON format that took the most time while developing the app.

High Level Solution

The developers used a ‘Shared Access Token’ to fetch the data and Android’s ‘Shared Preferences’ to save data locally. Also a Java library called “Joda-Time” was used to calculate dates and ages. This was all done by artificial intelligence algorithm which is the crux for all our apps.


  • DOB gets auto saved – The date of birth of the baby gets saved after entering it once so that repeatedly data entering is not needed.
  • Calculation of age – After the date of birth is entered the next page takes you to the age calculation page which shows the age in Year-Month-Days, Year-Week-Days and Days only format
  • learn all about your child’s behaviour – Baby development guide lets you know the exact behaviour of your child at earlier stages of his childhood as to when will he start speaking, sitting, walking, etc.


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