Removing an extra layer of communication from working environment which is a pain


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Problem Definition

 Most organizations maintain optimum employee strength for carrying out business operations, which means that employees have enough workload during regular work hours already. Applying for leave or submitting daily time sheets are considered as over-load (even though its simple to carry out). Most employees keep them pending till the last date or report in bulk, which at times can lead to inaccurate reporting. Employees may also forget to enter reimbursement details since they are too engrossed in their work during regular hours and extremely tired from work to login from home after regular hours.  Overall, this extra layer of communication is a pain for employees and this is a problem which each and every organization from small to medium to large is facing.

Having a quality HRMS system integrated in the day to day life of employees in all organizations is also not solving the problems considering the workload employees have.

High Level Solution

Problem which every organization is facing even after having successful work of HRMS they have in the working area is that employees are too busy for this during their working time....


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