Manufacturing Chatbot

Why use a Bot?

Chatbot is a self learning program, using smart technologies such as Natural Language Processing(NLP), Artificial Intelligence(AI), and Machine Learning(ML).
They are the most sought after technology solution for manufacturing units to showcase products and generate leads. This can grow exponentially with a bot in place!

What other benefits? Here:

  1. Accessible for both web and mobile apps, 24×7
  2. Drive more sales by tracking user interests
  3. Resolve user issues in an interactive setup

Hi! I’am your Virtual Assistant

Talk to me here:


How to use this Manufacturing Chatbot?

Using our bot is as easy as 123:

  1. Put up a question in the message box.
  2. Wait for the answer.
  3. Enjoy the expert advice with ease.

Some suggested questions:

  • What is the loading capacity?
  • What are the colours and models available?
  • What will be the warranty duration and terms?

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