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Platforms we work with


An enterprise level integrated Artificial Intelligence platform that-

    • Offers Deterministic rule based automation (RPA)
    • Offers Artificial Intelligence by continuously learning predictions, patterns, resolution processes and diagnosis logic and building a knowledge base
    • brings cognitive abilities by applying Machine Learning algorithms together with the deep knowledge of an organization


Most organizations maintain optimum employee strength for carrying out business operations, which means that employees have enough workload during regular work hours already. Applying for leave or submitting daily time sheets are considered as over-load (even though its simple to carry out). Most employees keep them pending till the last date or report in bulk, which at times can lead to inaccurate reporting.


Chatbot is a self learning program, using smart technologies such as Natural Language Processing(NLP), Artificial Intelligence(AI), and Machine Learning(ML).

They are the most sought after technology solution when it comes to user experience.

  • Accessible for both web and mobile apps, 24×7
  • Drive more sales by tracking user interests
  • Resolve user issues in an interactive setup
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