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Web and Mobile Application Development

Big Data Analytics and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AR and VR Solutions


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Stay a Step Ahead Always


Stay a Step Ahead Always


Stay a Step Ahead Always


Our Services & Products

Internet of Things

Imagine your house talking to you or your car, door talking to the light switches!

Web Apps

We develop a range of web applications that can solve a variety of problems efficiently.

Mobile Apps

iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook & Customizes Google Apps application development

Artificial Intelligence

Huge in almost every sector healthcare, education, finance or manufacturing.

Machine Learning

ML is a practice of data analysis that mechanizes analytical model building

Natural Language Processing

branch of AI that deals with generating, understanding and analyzing the languages

Cloud Computing

Cloud Migration Services, Cloud Hosting Services, IaaS, PaaS

Big Data

Fraud Detection, Cost Reduction, Optimzed Offerings

Virtual Reality

Interacting with digital environment in real and also creating real-life simulations

Augmented Reality

Creates such an environment within the app that it mixes with the real world contents

Predictive Analytics

Increase sales turnover, Increase campaign response rate, Reduce marketing spend

Amazon Web Services

AWS: a comprehensive cloud services platform

I was extremely happy with my project with New Gen Apps. The team is outstanding. Extremely responsive and inquisitive. They ask important questions and make excellent suggestions regardless of the subject matter. I always knew that I was in good hands and would get exactly what I asked for- or better. Communication is, by far, New Gen Apps greatest asset. I was always able to get a clear and articulate answer right away. I never had to wait or pester for an answer- it always came immediately. The team has an incredible work ethic and cares very much about their customers. They want what is best for you. I absolutely plan to do more work with New Gen Apps, and recommend that anybody building an app do the same.The team is always willing to go above and beyond when asked. Terrific team that produces quality work. I will always look to NGA first for any project.


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