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The Media and Entertainment industry, majorly, comprises of film, television, print, and radio. These segments include movies, news, TV shows, newspapers, radio shows, magazines, and books. People used to access the media and entertainment, the old fashioned way, like reading newspapers, watching TV shows, etc. until few years ago. With the advent of Internet and growth of digital content, we can now access media and entertainment 24×7 through Smartphones, computers, tablets, custom mobile apps etc. Digital Video Recorders is yet another way for customers to ease their viewing experience as per their convenient time for favorite soaps. TV networks offer to watch a rerun of shows on their websites. It is this change and challenge that media and entertainment industries should get adapted to. Mobile applications, web and cloud solutions provide IT solutions for media and entertainment industry that help this industry in effective production, employee’s management, supply management, payment processing, demands, etc.

    What we do at NewGenApps ?

    With a proven track record in web application development and wireless application development, Newgenapps offers a wide range of IT solutions for media and entertainment industry. Our team includes professionals with deep media and entertainment knowledge and well versed with latest industry trends, which helps us cater to complex market demands.

      We expertise in Media & Entertainment industry

      1. A state of the art social network development
      2. Online advertising solutions
      3. Content distribution channels
      4. Usage of latest trends and technologies
      5. Driving digital initiatives of this industry to effectively empower the value chain
      6. Custom mobile apps for various media and entertainment segments
      7. Changes made on the fly as per more relevant content
      8. Cloud solutions and AWS services

        Our Project Highlights

        We build and develop for working, living and communication. We take on projects with the intention of finding smart, new solutions to problems, large and small.

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