Industries We Serve


Banking and Finance

The electronic wallet got one step further with the introduction of mobile apps that let customers pay bills, check their account balances and transfer funds, regardless of which wireless carrier they use. The push to replace traditional branches with ATMs and mobile banking services has supplemented the requirements for mobile apps. Contact us to learn more about how we can serve the unique needs of banks and financial institutions.


Rising incomes and a greater variety of goods and services that can be bought over the internet is making buying online more attractive and convenient for consumers all over the country. In recent years, whilst the struggle put up by the majors of industry sector, online/ E-commerce companies have seen exceptional growth. This coupled with the decline of high streets has led to a boom in companies expanding their online presence and products.

  • Applications on Integrated information views and business
  • Integration among knowledge management, processing online transaction and business intelligence applications
  • Internal and external users collaborations



From the shop floor to the back office, technology helps you create products customers want, control costs by automating processes and bring new products to market more quickly by connecting machines, data, and people. Mobile applications, Web and cloud solutions have made this industry to look after their production, inventory, employees, payments, supply, demand, etc. more effectively. Solutions for Manufacturing Industry:

  • IoT solutions
  • Cloud-Based Services
  • Custom Mobile Apps
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Enterprise mobility solutions


Newgenapps offers a diverse range of custom design services that fit your hospital and healthcare system’s confined needs. We are certified Amazon Web Services provider, which help healthcare providers around the world deliver improved care to their patients. The services help reduce time to run existing workloads and provide access to powerful analytical capabilities and features.

  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Personalized healthcare anywhere in the world
  • Secure data sharing
  • Real time execution monitoring system in Hospital
  • Patient detail management system



Mobile devices have become the ‘shop-with-research’ tool for consumers. Thus, a holistic approach towards retail mobility solutions can arm businesses with multiple alternatives to give a unified shopping experience. Customers are looking for sites that acquire them, engage them, provide simple and interesting shopping experience. Mobile technologies can play a vital role in an organization’s business to deliver business value and enhance the customer experience. We provide :

  • From innovative eCommerce websites to robust supply chain management systems.
  • edynamic offers innovative and customized solutions that sell.

Hospitality & Leisure

Cutting-edge digital solutions regularly build sales and loyalty for hotels and travel businesses around the world. Valuable data is gathered from different machines and mobile devices and accessed anywhere with the help of the cloud solutions. A hotel can experience with the introduction of mobility solutions is their ability to up-sell and cross-sell their services. We Develop mobile apps and provide cloud solutions, that facilitates,

  • Reservation & Booking for room, spa, golf, restaurant etc
  • Confirmation via SMS
  • Mobile Check-in
  • Entertainment services through mobile
  • Find out local , weather information
  • Personalized marketing & promotions


Gaming Industry

Newgenapps is a blooming creator of mobile games across the globe. We provide expertise in both desktop as well as mobile projects for Gaming. Our engineers and artists use the latest of technologies and tools to create the coolest gaming experience.

We have gained good exposure to mobile gaming apps and already have some successful gaming apps on the app store.

Learning and Education

Newgenapps features a range of educational apps to make the learning experience more vital and interesting. We develop learning and educational apps that are easy to use, specially for children, and can be used from anywhere on any device.

There are lots of features on the basis of which many applications can be developed:

Attendance tracker, Student Information System etc.



Social sharing features increase the virality reach of the publication & reduce the time to market. Newgenapps designs and develops beautiful and appropriate environment for digital publications that are mobile friendly and consider both the user experience and business goals.

  • Lead generation
  • Blogging and content
  • SEO and SMO
  • Defining the optimal UI/UX for maximum customer retention

Communication Services

The rise of smart devices and a focus on customer loyalty has created the proverbial “perfect storm” for enterprises that want to reinvent customer experience around smartphones and tablets. Telecom providers have already begun to explore mobility and cloud services to increase their revenues and profitability. Newgenapps has several offerings aimed at helping telecom service providers increase operational efficiencies and increase per-user revenue. These include:

  • Mobile commerce (m-commerce)
  • Our Mobile Commerce offerings enable commercial transactions such as payments, banking, and commerce on mobile phones.
  • mWallet and mBanking platform
  • Enterprise mobility solutions
  • Our Enterprise Mobility Solution offerings enable enterprises to increase employee efficiency and productivity through mobile-enabled applications that provide on the move, and anytime access to corporate resources.


Media and Entertainment

The entertainment and media is growing rapidly with the mobile devices. Organizations are now increasing their domain by entering into the content creation field that were only delivering the content. Changes can be made on the fly according to customers' expectations for more relevant content. At Newgenapps, we offer a wide range of IT Solutions for media and entertainment industry namely:

  • Flappy Bird, Flying Avatar is a side-scrolling mobile game but it is just not limited to a bird character.
  • Users can use their imagination, create characters or "avatars" from their beloved pet or friend pictures - from Facebook or their camera or photo library.
  • They can identify a head from these pictures, add an accessory and direct it to fly between sets of pipes.


As with every other industry today, legal firms are also not far behind when it comes to online presence. We’ve come to accept the belief that enterprises, including law firms are running aggressively toward mobility.

Newgenapps designs clean, professional looking websites that capture your law firm’s brand image and comes equipped with all the tools needed to generate more qualified leads. We specialize in “Cloud” based solutions as well as “AWS” services. We prepare law firm website designs and developing marketing websites for attorneys.Some of our work:

  • Mobile Lawyer



M-Governance ensures better amenity of the existing services by enabling easy access to the public information anytime, anywhere and by introducing new services to the government industry. Today mobile phone has emerged as channel for information dissemation in Government services. There are many benefits of using M-Governance such as Low Costs, Wider reach, Better management, Real Time Monitoring, Greater accessibility and Effective adaptability, Facilitate green government, Personalized service etc. We can provide solutions for :

  • Health care
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Employment
  • Transportation law and order
  • Tax
  • Judicial and legal systems

Transportation and Logistics

The transportation & logistics industry forms the backbone of modern global supply chains. Airlines and airports, shipping companies, logistics service providers and other transportation companies are all part of the process to keep people and products on the move. Mobile & cloud solutions can majorly improve the performance & speed of each flow. We provide solutions for :

  • Inbound and outbound transportation management
  • fleet management & warehousing
  • materials handling & order fulfillment



Mobility and related devices are enabling consumer access to decision data at unprecedented levels in “real time”, forcing a major shift in the way CG companies are designing, building, stocking, distributing, and marketing products. FMCG help to streamline the process of selling and purchasing, as a result, ensuring the smooth functioning of the overall operations. We provide web based user friendly solutions for all you business needs. Our services include a variety of mobile app solutions for FMCG, Retail, and many other industries.

  • Product lifecycle
  • Packaged application services
  • Analytics
  • Performance management tools
  • Integration with ERP/CRM applications

Resources & Utilities

As more and more industries are showing inclination towards online presence, resources and utilities industry is not far behind. Utility entities have found web as their ultimate choice to generate more business. Like any other company utility companies also require a creditable and professional website to enhance their brand image. We help you do so.

  • Maintain an open communication channel between end users and utilities industry
  • Inform the customer about important dates/notices on priority
  • Utility software and apps on different smartphone platforms and web browsers to suit your specific requirements.
  • Download and submit forms


Real Estate

Our team carries considerable real estate web development experience and the expertise to create innovative websites. We focus on style, usability and content to keep you class apart. We develop 100% customized websites for all devices (mobile, tablets, etc.) which incorporate comprehensive content management system (CMS). This will allow ease for you to add/update data any time.

  • Responsive web Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Usage of WordPress, one of the most popular platform for building real estate Websites and blogs
  • Lead Generation through Gravity Forms