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Transportation and Logistics

In today’s fast paced logistics environment, the transportation & logistics industry forms the backbone of modern global supply chains. Airlines and airports, shipping companies, logistics service providers and other transportation companies are all part of the process to keep people and products on the move. Mobile & cloud solutions can majorly improve the performance & speed of each flow.

The logistics services are involved at all levels in the planning and execution of the movement of goods, hence it becomes all the more important for them to have their online presence and to channelize their work online.

What we do at NewGenApps


We deliver logistics web design that is visually promising, search engine optimized, search media optimized that are essential for driving new business to you. We place heavy emphasis on strategy, design, navigation and closely organized calls-to-action.

How can we help you

With Newgenapps, you’ll benefit from:

  • Better enquiry to sales conversion rates
  • Faster sale cycles
  • More logistics and transportation sales leads
  • Optimized search engine results
  • Exceptional content for your website
  • Inbound and outbound transportation management
  • fleet management & warehousing
  • materials handling & order fulfillment
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